The Truth About Freezing Fat to Lose Weight

Is it possible to ice your way to a leaner and sexier body? According to popular Doctor turned TV showman, Dr. Mehmet Oz, yes you can. Dr. Oz has popularized the idea of freezing fat to lose weight. This is through the use of a cryolipolysis machine.

Thousands of people have accepted and undergone the cryolipolysis for weight loss procedure since it was approved in 2010 by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration Agency of the United States). Using this method, the fat deposits in the body are frozen under the skin. In the next few months that follow, this frozen fat is eliminated from the body slowly.


Since this method focuses on removing fat on certain parts of the body, this is not an ideal procedure for someone who wants to lose a lot of weight or a lot of fat. The truth is that you will have to combine this method with other weight loss methods, such as exercising and dieting. This method works best for individuals who have already lost most of the weight they want to shed off and are within inches of achieving their dream body. The procedure helps them focus on losing weight on the problem areas where they’ve had a hard time losing fat.

Also, you have to realize that freezing fat to lose weight is not a one shot deal. You will have to do it more than once for optimal results. You will also have to go back after every few months for a touch up. If you don’t pay careful attention to your diet after you have lost the fat, you will add more weight and have to go for more procedures, so it is best that you use this method as part of your overall approach to a healthier lifestyle and not as a standalone solution to your weight problems.


Fat removal to lose weight is not an ideal process for everyone since it is not recommended for all people. People who have health problems or are obese are advised not to go for this option. Also, women who are pregnant or are breastfeeding should not undergo this procedure. This procedure should ideally be undertaken by individuals who are in good health.

You should have realistic expectations about the procedure. You should know that you will not lose a lot of pounds by using this method. This will prevent you from getting disappointed by the results you get. If you have cellulite, realize that freezing fat to lose weight is not going to get rid of them.

When the procedure is being carried out in the doctor’s office, all you have to do is to lie on the treatment bed. You can just relax or do something entertaining, so that you don’t get bored. For instance, you can read a book, write or listen to music. If you are uncomfortable, you can request to be given pillows or blankets, so that you can make yourself comfortable.

The procedure does not hurt but it may sting a bit at first when the fat starts to freeze. But after a while, the whole area will become numb, due to the low temperature of the machine, so you won’t feel anything. You might feel a bit sore when the doctor massages the area after they are through.

Even though this method is expensive, it is certainly cheaper than lipo, so you may want to explore this method first before trying out liposuction. Word has it that some popular celebrities undergo this procedure to get rid of unwanted fat on their bodies.

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