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The Vegan Food Pyramid that you should know

As a convention, vegans abstain from consuming either meat or any other animal by-products. If want to become a vegan or you are already a vegan then it is necessary for you to use vegan food pyramid so as to make sure that what you are eating is a healthy food that supplements you with the required nutrients. Vegan food pyramid is not always similar to the type of food pyramid that you know. Food stuffs like grain and bread form the base of the vegan pyramid, followed by veggies and fruits. Bread and grains are essential and they are the energy giving foods in the pyramid while veggies and fruits provide the body with vitamins. Dairy products are replaced by calcium rich foods like soya milk. The meat is replaced by legumes which include the peas, beans and lentils. On some version of vegans’ food pyramids the legumes and the foods rich in calcium are most likely grouped together.


Vegan Food Pyramid Equals Nutrition

The vegan food pyramid features Omega 3 fatty acid group at its apex.  Fatty acid may sound scary for those who want to cut weight but these types of fats are very important to the functioning of our bodies. These fats are found in ground nuts and even the coconuts.  They provide nourishment to the fingernails and hair. In addition, they help to support the body immune system and help a person to maintain a healthy weight. The foods that are on the vegan food pyramid are the supplements of vitamin B12 and vitamin D.  The vitamins are commonly important because they help in the building of body tissues.

Knowing all the Differences of the Vegan Food Pyramid

We all know of the importance of vitamin D. vitamin D is obtained from the U V light when the body is exposed to direct sun rays. Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium for the health benefits of your bones.  Sun rays also have a damaging effect to our skin since it causes sun burns and other skin infections. Most of us are either forced to stay away from the sun or to use sunscreen protectors. For the vegan individuals who stay away from the sun or who use sunscreen protectors it is important that they supplement their bodies with vitamin D supplements since they are very essential for the body. Do not feel alone or alienated incase you are intimidated by the vegan food pyramid. You are not alone as a matter of fact most of us do wonder, how one can eat al the recommended serving’s everyday. The best you can do is to do your homework, find out the variety of vegan food pyramid that can fall into one group. In my recent research I found out that green leafy vegetables fit in with the vegetables, this is a fact most vegans don’t know. In summary, always keep in mind that if you are a vegan or in the thought of becoming a vegan, use the vegan food pyramid to ensure a healthy and nutritious diet.

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