Thigh Lift Scars and Other Things You Didn’t Know About Thighplasty

For some people, the upper legs can be resistant to exercise and diet even after massive weight loss. The excess skin and fat cells that accumulate on the thighs can make people look older, heavier, and less physically fit than they are supposed to.

Fortunately, you do not need to be worried about this because plastic surgery offers you an ideal solution known as thighplasty – commonly known as a thigh lift. This is the most effective way of getting more attractive and firmer upper legs. A thigh lift basically involves the removal of excess fat, tissue, and skin to refine and tone the upper legs with a minimum thigh lift scars.

Thigh Lift Candidacy

Have you noticed a skin sagging on your thigh? You need a thigh lift for a firmer skin and youthful appearance. Many people who have issues with their thighs are good candidates but they opt to have fulfilled certain requirements before thighplasty.

Basically, you are qualified for this procedure if:

  • Have soft tissue and excess skin on your thighs. Although your surgeon may be able to eliminate some layers of fat during the operation, a thigh lift is not for this purpose.
  • Maintain a stable weight. This is important in order to avoid a drooping tissue on your thigh.
  • Do not smoke. This can increase your chances of developing complications and disrupt your healing process.
  • Are in good health. Chronic diseases like diabetes may compromise your recovery process.
  • You are not drinking heavily. This can increase your chances of having complications or impair your recovery process.
  • You must be psychologically healthy. This form of surgery can be both emotionally and physically taxing.

In your first consultation, the doctor will discuss everything with you including past medical records and goals. He can thereafter, tell whether you are a suitable thigh lift candidate or not. Your surgeon can recommend you a suitable treatment for you.

Will there be Thigh Lift Scars after Surgery?

Scars will always be part of every operation. But despite this fact, it will be crucial to know where the thigh lift scars will be placed. The anterior and lateral scar moves from the top of the pubic hair as a curve towards the upper hip bones moving backward to the buttocks crease.

These forms of thigh lifts come along with tummy tuck. The length of the scar is usually determined by the quantity of the skin. The scars can be covered with a piece of clothing.


A thighplasty is an individualized operation that is planned and executed as per the individual’s medical needs, preferences, and the thigh part to be addressed, which means costs can vary widely. The price of a thighplasty can range from $2,000 to $10,000, but the average operation will cost around $4,500.

Cost Factors

A good knowledge of the factors that will determine your overall surgery procedure will enable you to budget and plan for the procedure. Some of the issues that will directly this cost will include:

  • The location and amount of the excess fat, skin, and tissue you have. This is crucial as it will determine the surgical technique and incision used in the surgery and this directly affects the cost. Shorter incisions will cost less compared to extended incisions.
  • Diagnostic testing needed. If more information is needed, the surgeon may order additional blood samples.
  • Your surgeon’s qualifications. The more experienced a surgeon is in this field, the more they are likely to charge. However, don’t go for a surgeon because he’s cheap, you might end up with more complications.
  • The post-operative requirements. You will most likely need antibiotics, painkillers, and anticoagulant drugs after the surgery.


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