Things To Know About Breast Implants And Lift

Breast implants and lift involves a breast lift and breast augmentation in a single session. The lift is for repositioning the breast higher on the chest while the implant gives or restores fullness of the upper pole at the top of the breast. The surgery is done for reconstructive purposes or cosmetic purposes.


It is very normal for breasts to sag as you grow older. This is mostly aggravated by weight gain, weight loss, childbirth, genetics and stretch marks. Most women would like their breasts to become full and perky like they did when they were young. As you grow old the muscles beneath the breasts become weak and stretch.


Breasts start sagging when the skin gets looser and the breast tissue decreases. This can be tackled in two ways. Loose skin is solved with a breast lift (mastopexy) procedure and the loss of volume is sorted with breast augmentation (implant). The implants will fill up the extra skin on the breast. Sometimes a little sagging of the breasts can be sorted with just an implant which may lift the breast.


Most of the time the implant is placed underneath the pectoral muscle and the breast lift is then done. The way the breast mound is shaped is usually much better than when the breast implants and lift are done together. An implant can be placed at the top to fill the top part of the breast to improve the projection. The weight might however increase the rate of the ptosis if the implant is put above the muscle for this reason it is preferable to put it underneath.


When the breast lift and breast augmentation are done at the same time less skin is removed and there is less scarring. Most of the breast lift procedures use the partial circumareolar and the crescent incision. The lollipop is used on breasts that are very droopy. Breast lift and implants also increases the cleavage. One should get a medical clearance before the procedure, stop taking aspirin one week before the surgery and stop smoking 4 weeks before the surgery. The night before the surgery you should not eat anything.

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