Things To Know Before And After Breast Augmentation

Getting a breast augmentation can be quite exciting for many people. After all, their dream to get large breasts has come true. During this time, it is important that you know what to do before and after breast augmentation. This is important as it will help you to be prepared for the surgery. Knowing what to do before and after breast enhancement will also increase your chances of recovering faster and more comfortably since you know what to expect and what to do in various circumstances.

What to Do Before Breast Augmentation

Prepare your home, so that you can take things easy when you come back after the operation. Some of the things you need to do include

  • Clean your whole house, so that you can recover in a clean place. This will minimize chances of getting an infection. It will also save you the stress of having to clean up after you come home from the operation. You will be in so much pain after the operation, such that cleaning up is the last thing you want to do.
  • Have food and medication ready. Prepare meals in advance and freeze them, since you will not be in a position to cook. The meals should be so prepared, such that all you will need to do is to just unfreeze the food and microwave it before eating. If you are planning on eating takeout for a while before and after breast augmentation, get all the contacts that you need from the restaurants that you are planning on ordering from. Stock all the fruits and veggies that you will need before and after boob job since you won’t be in a position to go grocery shopping.
  • Buy bigger clothes and a bigger bra. This is in preparation for the new you. Your usual clothes are no longer going to fit after you go big.
  • Working out a few months before your operation can help you get a stronger back. This will make it much easier for your back to support your bigger boobs with less stress. This will make it easier for you to transition to bigger boobs.
  • Arrange for someone to pick you up from the hospital, since you won’t be able to drive yourself home. If you can’t get someone, just get a cab to drop you home.
  • Drink lots of water the day before the operation since most women get quite dehydrated after the procedure and they wake up from anesthesia feeling quite thirsty.
  • Ask for strong pain medication after the procedure just in case
  • If possible, have someone to take care of you before and after breast enlargement procedure
  • Set up comfy spots in the house

Things To Do After Breast Augmentation

  • Be prepared for the doubts that you are going to have before and after breast augmentation. You will either feel that you have gone too big or you might feel that you went too small. This is quite normal, so give yourself time to recover first before planning to have another procedure to go bigger or smaller.
  • Rest a lot, especially in the first 2 weeks. Do not engage in any strenuous activity. You can watch movies or read books as your body heals. Give yourself at least 6 weeks before you can start feeling like your normal self again.
  • If you notice any problem, be sure to call your doctor. This will prevent any negative situation from escalating. If you have any questions or anything that you want clarified, do not shy away from calling the doctor, after all, that is why you paid them to treat you.
  • You can decide whether you want to share your news with other people or not. You can give yourself time to recover before telling other people about your surgery.


Conclusion When It Comes To What to Do Before and After Breast Augmentation

When going for this surgery, it is important that you go with an open mind before and after breast augmentation. This is because no matter how prepared you are, anything can happen, so if you are too fixated on what is right then you may end up making bad decisions. For instance, your doctor might suggest going bigger than you had originally wanted, if your skin is quite elastic. They might also recommend getting a breast lift to help make your breasts perkier, even though you may not have planned for this.

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