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Things you should know when using a denture adhesive

At least half of all denture wearers use an adhesive to improve comfort and keep their dentures in place. Some of them use the denture adhesive only in the first few months, for the time being while their gums settle down and they get used to the prosthesis. The others use an adhesive as long as they wear the denture. Lower dentures are most problematic when it comes to stability and retention, because they have smaller area with which they adhere and because of the disruptive action of the tongue.

Do you really need denture adhesive?


Television can convince you that if you wear dentures you should definitely use an adhesive, too. Dentists might convince you that no one should use an adhesive. But, the truth is somewhere between these two extremes. A denture adhesive can help you use the dentures easier. Some individuals can’t get used to wearing dentures, even if everything is OK and the dentures fit well. They fear that the denture will fall out or slip. A denture adhesive can ease these worries and it can boost your confidence. But, have in mind that you don’t need adhesive if your dentures are in fact poorly fitted. If that is the case, the dentures have to be adjusted. You should consult with your dentist immediately to find out if you need an adjustment or an adhesive. Talk to your dentist if you plan to wear dentures in the future as well.

How to use denture adhesive?

If you have dentures, you know that you should visit your dentist every 6 months in order to have them checked. A change in the comfort of the dentures is a call for an immediate appointment at the dentist. You may think that you should use adhesive, but you may need to have your dentures relined. However, using a denture adhesive provides the need security and comfort. There are powdered and paste adhesives. Powdered adhesives are easier to clean off dentures, and they tend to change the bite less than the paste adhesives. To use a powdered adhesive you have to clean your denture first, then shake a layer of powder ion the denture and put the denture back in your mouth.

How does a denture adhesive work?

Most denture adhesives work by thickening the saliva in order to create suction between the dentures and the gum. There is a problem that arises with the denture adhesive because it is water soluble and it can be swallowed or diluted when the person drinks or eats. You can never know how long the adhesive will last. Usually they last longer on the upper dentures, maybe it’s better to use paste adhesives for the lower denture. Always remove the adhesive when you clean the dentures. Clean it thoroughly and then place it in water. You can also use a special denture toothbrush. Good oral hygiene is very important, no matter if you use adhesives or not. Visits to the dentist are recommended as well.

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