Tips for Picking the Best Breast Augmentation Surgeon

Check the surgeon’s record

To pick the best breast augmentation surgeon, first check the state licensing medical board to find out if the surgeon has been listed for malpractices or any other disciplinary action by the board.

Make sure that the surgeon is board certified

Use a surgeon who has been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Check the American Board of Medical Specialties web site. Legally, any doctor is allowed to perform any procedure; even a psychiatrist can do a breast enhancement surgery. To ensure that you get the perfect surgeon for your breast surgery, you need to use a board certified one because you will be sure that he has finished the three to five years of training required to be a plastic surgeon. The surgeon should also have two to three years of training plus they should have undergone the oral and written tests. He also has to continue with medical education and take written tests every ten years.


Be careful with multiple procedures

When you do more than one procedure, your risks go up. The doctor makes more money for every procedure you undergo therefore, there are doctors who suggest that you undertake other additional  procedures such as a neck lift when you are looking for a breast augmentation  These people are motivated by money and do not care about the patient and this is unethical. To choose the best breast augmentation surgeon consider objective information and do not be swayed by how he makes you feel.


Ask the doctor questions

In order to identify a good breast enhancement surgeon, ask him lots of questions. You can print out questions from the medical board website and bring them to the doctor’s office. You should start by asking him how often he performs breast augmentation procedures and it will be good if he does it almost weekly. You should also ask him if he will be the one doing the whole procedure.

Find out if he has hospital privileges.

If the doctor does not have hospital privileges, that is a red flag. It is good for the doctor to have hospital privileges even if it is an outpatient clinic plastic surgery because hospitals do background checks of doctors they work with. So if a doctor has hospital privileges, it is a good thing as it says a lot about him.


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