Top 10 Celebrity Best Fake Boobs

A lot of celebrities get boob jobs. Who wouldn’t, given the amount of attention they draw on the red carpet and even off the red carpet? Even though a lot of celebrities are secretive about their plastic surgeries, there are those that are quite open about them. Out of those, here are the top 10 celebrities who have the best fake boobs.


  1. Sarah Jessica Parker

She has had many plastic surgery procedures done; this includes breast enhancement and rhinoplasty. She got one of the best breast enhancements since there is a noticeable difference if you compare her pictures before and her current pictures.


  1. Kourtney Kardashian


She is the only Kardashian sister who so far has admitted to getting a boob job. She got it when she was 21 years old. This resulted in her getting one of those Kardashian hour glass figures. She moved from a B cup to a C cup size. However, at some point, she stated that she regretted getting the boob job done, as felt that she still looked great anyway without even having the boob job.


  1. Halle Berry

She has been named one of the most beautiful women in the world. She got a boob job in the 2,000s, so you will notice a shift in her photos if you look at her before photos and after photos.



  1. Miley Cyrus

She has openly admitted to feeling like a boy, so she decided to get a boob job. She has got one of the best fake boobs after 2 boob jobs. She is now all curvy as she has always wanted to be.



  1. Kate Hudson

When Kate went on a vacation some years back and ended up wearing a bikini top that was much larger than her actual size, it resulted in a scandal. Well, if she were to wear that bikini top again, she will fill it out much better, thanks to excellent breast surgeries that she got.



  1. Nicole Richie

Even though she is skinny, she seems to have lost a lot of weight everywhere except her breasts.



  1. Nicole Kidman

She got a subtle boob job. This was after her split with Tom Cruise.




  1. Victoria Beckham

This former spice girl made the decision to spice up her life by spicing up her breasts. She got curvy from her boob job.



  1. Kendra Wilkinson

This mother of 2 underwent a boob job that saw her get some of the best fake boobs, as she moved from a size C to a massive size 34 E. That got men gawking over her. However, she later decided to get her implants removed. This was in her bid to shed off her playboy image and move to another phase of her life.


  1. Kris Jenner

She has had multiple boob jobs since the 1980s. She moved from a small size cup B all the way to a cup size D. She definitely loves to flaunt her artificial cleavage in bikinis on the beach whenever they are off to vacation in tropical destinations.

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