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8 Bacteria Infested Items That We Use Daily

We as human beings share our world with other organisms. One of the most numerous are bacteria. Some of them are the „good“ ones which help our body, but some of them are the „bad“ ones. Bacteria are widespread and can be found on a large number of objects that we use every day and believe to be clean.. Some of them like Staphylococcus, E. Colli or Salmonella can be dangerous for human health.

  1. Ring

A ring can be a very contaminated item, especially if it is worn all the time without removing. On that way, ring gets in contact with various germs which then settle on the underside of a ring. If the ring is not often removed it provides a safe and warm habitat for germs. The best way to prevent germs colonisation is frequent removal of a ring and cleaning of a ring as well as the skin beneath it.



  1. Laundry

When we do the laundry our main goal is to get clean clothes. But unconsciously we can contaminate our clothes with bacteria such as E. Coli or coliform. These bacteria can be found in fecal matter, which can be entered in a washing machine on the underwear. On that way, our washing machine can become the source of further laundry contamination.


  1. Money

In this case, the expression „dirty money“ has other meaning. Money can be extremely contaminated since it is transferred from hand to hand between various people. Recent studies showed the presence of cocaine, dirt, and bacteria on money bills. Dirty money can be a big problem since we pay no attention to it. We can get germs from money without noticing it. For example when we take food from food vendors.



  1. Computer keyboard

The computer or to be more specific keyboard is one of the dirtiest items in our house. The reason for that is rare cleaning of the computer.  We use the computer for everything from reading to writing or surfing.  If we wash our hands after using the computer it makes no significant difference since the source of germs is still there. The best way to prevent that is weekly cleaning of computer and keyboard.


  1. Shopping trolley

When we go shopping our main goal is to get groceries. We do not care about the cleanness of our shopping trolleys.  But if we think about how many people used them before us we can get an idea how dirty they can be. Shopping trolleys are often left outdoors where they can get even dirtier. If you go shopping with a child you should be more worried since they can be infected with coliform bacteria.

Shopping trolley


  1. Kitchen countertop

We can contaminate our kitchen countertop while preparing our food. The most often kitchen countertop is contaminated with E. Coli form chicken meat or from dirt from the roots. For prevention of germs spread from the countertop, it should be more often cleaned and disinfected.

Kitchen countertop

  1. Mobile phone

Almost every modern human has a mobile phone which he uses all the time. We constantly touch it, surf the net, chat, talk. We use mobile phone in all situations while preparing food, in the toilet, while eating. On that way, we contaminate our mobile phone with different germs such as E. Coli. Usually, we are not aware that our phone needs to be cleaned.

Mobile phone

  1. Cutting boards

While preparing food we can cut meat on the kitchen countertop or on cutting boards. Cutting boards can be very dangerous for our health because of the possibility of transmitting E. Coli or other bacteria. The plastic boards are the better choice since they don’t have pores in which bacteria can hide, unlike the wooden boards.

Cutting boards



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