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Top Most Nutritional Diets for a Vegan

Vegan is a person who strictly does not eat anything that has to do with animals. These people have different concept on what types of foods to eat but they could possible be missing out on some important nutrients that come from the animals. With research am sure they have many options to cover the default. If you need to eat then you’d better eat balanced food and we are going to look into some recipes that are common. Vegan or total vegetarians as commonly known, is considered a healthy way of eating by some researchers.


This is because they receive adequate amounts of nutrients from the food intake. One main nutrient to look out for is proteins. We all know that we need protein for body growth, maintaining body tissues, building of hormones, anti bodies, enzymes and not forgetting is very important in milk production in breastfeeding mothers. Most plants that produce proteins are important because the produce both essential and non essential amino acids. It’s advised to check the calories before any proteins intake. Examples of protein foods are vegetables, legumes, whole grains, seeds and nuts.

Vegan Nutrients

Another vegan diet nutrient is calcium. We all know calcium is vital for bone growth and teeth production. Normal muscle, blood clotting and nerve function are also supported by availability of calcium in the body. We all think that the most and important calcium can only be found in animal products. This is not so there are plants that produce calcium though the calcium is not as rich as the one found in animals it’s also useful. The dark green vegetables provide quite a big share of rich calcium. Other examples are Chinese cabbage, kale and broccoli. Calcium from these vegetables is absorbed better than other calcium. Omega 3 and fatty acids is also a good vegan diet nutrient. Fatty acids are known to reduce cardiovascular diseases, cognitive function and improve eyesight. Omega 3 is known to have many researched benefits. Fats are known to act as anti inflammatory in the bodies. Fish and organ meats are the common sources of omega 3 and this is not good news for vegan. However by eating foods like walnuts, soy and canola oil are an option for source of omega 3. There are also DHA enriched foods found in the stores such as breakfast bars and soy products.

Vegan Minerals

Iron is important in preventing anemic diseases and is found in plant foods. Iron in plant foods may be less in the body and this is because of fiber content since fiber is not absorbed in the body. This makes vegans to be at high risk of developing deficiency in iron and women should be more careful since they need iron more than men. Dark green vegetables are a common source of iron.  Zinc is also important and can be found in legumes, grains and also cheese. Iodine is also important and for vegan and a good source are sweet potatoes, soy beans, broccoli and cabbages.

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