Top Pros And Cons Of Breast Implants

If you are thinking about breast augmentation, it is important to get all your facts right before you undergo the procedure. Knowing the pros and cons of breast implants will help you to make a more informed decision.

Here are the top advantages and disadvantages of breast enhancement:


  • This will be a permanent solution if you want bigger breasts
  • You can easily find a surgeon to carry out the operation since there are many board certified surgeons.
  • Your clothes will fit better, especially if you like wearing bikinis.
  • You will experience increased self-confidence, especially if this is something that you had wanted to get done for a long time.



  • You will need to be monitored by a doctor after the operation. This means intermittent trips to the doctor’s office every once in a while, so as to make sure that everything is fine.
  • There are risks faced, just like in any other surgery
  • You will need to have the implants replaced in future


Some of the measures to take when weighing the pros and cons of breast implants includes

  • Talking to a certified surgeon, so as to help you make a good decision, after the doctor has examined you.
  • Talking to someone else, who has had the procedure done and asking them what some of the advantages and disadvantages of breast enhancement they have faced are.
  • Checking out reviews left by other women about the effects the procedure had on them. You can read online tutorials to get a better view.

You need to decide whether you want silicone or saline implants. Both of these options have their pros and cons.  The FDA (Federal Drug and Administration)  has limited the use of saline implants to people who are aged 22 years and above. Saline implants are filled up with salty water. The major advantage of using them is that the salt and water can be safely absorbed into the body in case they burst.

Some of the disadvantages of using silicone is that the body can reject them or they can lead to some autoimmune diseases. The good thing about them is that they look quite natural.


There are some pros and cons of breast implants as to how your lifestyle will be affected

  • Cancer survivors will have a renewed hope for life, as they can undergo reconstructive surgery to replace any breasts that they may have lost to cancer.
  • Women with smaller breasts will experience increased self-confidence once they are happy with their breast size.
  • Other benefits and downsides of boob job is that it is quite a simple procedure with minimal downtime however, some people are not happy with the results that they get.

Other disadvantages to consider are

  • The procedures can be quite expensive but if you can afford it, why not?
  • You will be causing yourself an unnecessary health risk, such as getting infections and having the implants rupture in your body.
  • It will also be harder to screen for breast cancer, as it is quite easy to be missed.


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