Top Tips For A Faster Breast Augmentation Recovery

Most surgeons will strive to make your post surgery recovery as comfortable as possible. There are also tools and things that you can do so as to make your breast augmentation recovery go more smoothly and faster.

Here are some of those things:


Surgery tools and techniques

Find a surgeon who uses modern equipment and techniques that will cause the least bruising to breast tissues. This will make your breast surgery recovery much faster. For instance, the ‘no touch’ technique ensures that your ribs are not touched during the operation and that there is minimal trauma to the tissues around your breast.


Less time in surgery

The less time you spend in surgery the better, especially when it comes to managing nausea. The longer you stay under anesthesia, the more nauseated you will feel for afterwards.


Prescribed medication

Make sure to follow your doctor’s instructions and take your medication as directed. This will help you to feel much better. You will most likely be given pain medication and something to help alleviate nausea. You can request your surgeon to put in a pain pump when doing the procedure. This helps to numb the chest area as the pump releases numbing medication in the area.


You may also be given some creams to apply around your chest area, so as to reduce the amount of swelling and inflammation. You also have the choice of applying ice packs to help in reducing pain and inflation on your breasts.


Sensitive nipples

Your nipples may become sensitive after the operation. Your doctor will ask you to use nursing pads for some time.



To deal with the scars that will be in the area where there are incisions, avoid staying in sunlight during breast augmentation recovery, as this will make the scars worse. There are some gels that you can also use to help minimize the scars. With time, the scars will grow smaller and much less obvious.


Wear the right clothes

Wear something that is comfortable. Wearing the right bra will provide you with the support that you need during breast enlargement healing. You can keep using the bra that your doctor will give you after the surgery. Avoid any bras that have under wires in them, as they will exert pressure around your chest area, which is already sore. However, if your breasts are painful, you can avoid wearing a bra but only under your doctor’s instructions.

You can also wear vests or foam garments. They are quite comfortable for someone who is recovering from breast surgery.


Get adequate rest

You will constantly feel tired. Getting enough rest will give your body the time and energy it needs to recover properly. This might mean sleeping more than usual or lying in bed. Avoid any vigorous activities that might stretch your chest area.


Breast massage

This will help to remove the tightness that you feel around your chest area. You will be shown how to do this massage during your post operative appointment. The message needs to be gentle at first but it can become more intense as your breasts begin to heal. Breast massage helps your breasts t settle into position during breast augmentation recovery.



If you have fever during your boob job recovery period, be sure to see your doctor immediate. It is a sign that you have an infection, which needs to be treated before it gets worse.


Eat healthy meals

Feeling nauseated might put you off food. However, try to eat whatever you can. Take plenty of water, vitamins and proteins. Taking a multivitamin can help.



Avoid vigorous activities

This includes any activities that will cause you to use your arms and your chest. You also need to avoid exercises that will increase your heart rate, as this can increase your blood pressure and cause your pulse to go up.


Good health

Go for surgery only when you are in good health. If you have an infection or any other health problems, wait until you recover first. Just make sure to let your surgeon know in advance, so that they can reschedule your surgery. This will make it less complicated for you to recover.


Avoid anything that will cause excessive bleeding

This includes taking blood thinners such as aspirin before the operation or afterwards. Also, check that any of the medications you are on do not thin the blood.

Avoid narcotics before surgery

Taking narcotics can result in more complications for you during breast augmentation recovery. Prepare as much as you can before the surgery, to make boob job healing easier after the surgery. This includes doing the following-

  • Waxing your underarms. It will be harder to wax them after surgery.
  • Fix your hair. Get your hair styled since it will be hard to raise your arms to reach your hair after surgery.
  • Get permission off from work. Take as much time as necessary, which can be a few weeks.
  • Prepare foods that you need. It will be more challenging to cook. Prepare meals in advance, so that you can just microwave them.
  • Clean your house since it will be much harder to do it after surgery
  • Don’t apply nail polish since doctors will need to check your nails when you are under anesthesia, to ensure that they are a normal color, which indicates that there is proper circulation of blood and oxygen.

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