Understanding The Breast Augmentation With Lift Process

The breast augmentation with lift is a procedure where breast augmentation is carried out in one surgical session. By using the lift, the surgeon is able to reposition the breast slightly higher on the chest cavity, while the implant will then be used to restore, or give the upper fullness towards the top of the breast. Take note that the breast augmentation lift is a procedure that can be carried out either as a reconstructive process or for cosmetic reasons.

Before you decide to have the breast lift, it is important that you discuss what it entails with your doctor, so that you know for sure what you are getting into.


Importance of a breast lift

It is basically normal for women to have their breasts sagging, especially when they are growing older. The main reason for this is because the breasts will naturally sag as you age. This gets even worse if you have to go through childbirth, stretch marks on your breast skin, weight loss, weight gain, or perhaps for genetic purposes.

A lot of the ladies who seek this procedure normally need to regain the pert, full and projecting breast that they had earlier on in their lives. For most ladies, the scooped out appearance is what they do not like. Remember that the older we get, the more stretched and weaker the ligaments and breast skin that hold the breast to the underlying muscles become.

Good candidates for the breast augmentation with lift normally are the women who enjoyed the fullness of their breasts before they were pregnant and do not like the appearance after, particularly if the lift also includes implants.

The following are some of the issues that can be sorted out through a breast lift operation:

  • Hanging or sagging breasts
  • Loss of fullness towards the top of the breasts
  • Reduction in volume and shape
  • Stretch marks on your breasts
  • To gain asymmetry on one or both of the breasts


How is it done?

First, you need to make sure you have a board certified surgeon before you can proceed with the lift augmentation breast operation. There are surgeons that use either general anesthesia or IV sedation. IV sedation is normally preferred to enable you recover as fast as possible. Besides, the anesthesia should only be administered by a Board Certified Anesthesiologist.

Your breasts will sag when the skin becomes loose, and the amount of breast tissue decreases. In order to tackle the problem, there are two ways. The first of these is a mastopexy (breast lift).

The issue of loss of fullness or volume is tackled with the use of an implant. This is normally done at the same time when the breast surgery lift is being carried out. The implant will fill up the additional skin area of the breast, in the process restoring the fullness that you desire.

In a situation where you only have a slight sagging to worry about, an implant is all you will need, without a mastopexy. The implant will be inserted under the pectoral muscle, and after that the breast lift will be performed. The shape of your breast will, in fact, be better when you have the lift and augmentation carried out together.

Even the smallest implant placed properly will usually help filling out the top section of your breast, in the process improving its projection. Since there is an additional weight on your breasts, this will further help in accelerating the rate of breast ptosis, particularly when the implant is set just above the muscle. Because of this reason, it is normally advisable to have the implant set under the muscles.


Isn’t it too much?

There is often that question from breast augmentation with lift patients, whether we are carrying out too much surgery on the breast at the same time. Well, the answer is no. the combination of an augmentation and lift are common, and these are normally carried out on a frequent basis. In fact, the amount of downtime that you will experience when you have a breast lift with implants is nothing more than the same that you would endure if you had either of these procedures done independently of the other.

Besides, when you have these two done at the same time, the amount of skin to be removed is less than having them done separately. Therefore, this also means that you will have fewer scars after the healing process.

Most of the procedures that are carried out are usually done through the partial circumoreolar incision or crescent incision. It is only when the breasts are very droopy that the lollipop incision will be preferred.


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