Valuable Insight On Lip Plumper Mask That You Didn’t Know

Lip plumping mask is a highly affordable and instant way to add volume and shape up your lips in a subtle way.

How does lip plumping mask work?

Clear or tinted, in the form of pot, gel, balm, gloss or stick, the lip plumper masks temporarily fatten the lips. They contain ingredients like wintergreen, caffeine, cinnamon, ginger mint or capsicum, which boosts the flow of blood to the lips, resulting in redness and mild swelling. The ingredients can feel like a stinging or telltale tingle, although some users find the sensation a bit discomforting, others embrace it as a clear sign that the lip fattening mask is working.

Ingredients like cinnamon oil irritate the lips, causing them to swell, which makes them appear like they’re plumped. Don’t fret; the irritation is very gentle and safe. Other plumper work with the vasodilation mechanism, (which occurs when the muscles in the blood vessels expand and relax), to increase the circulation of blood in the lips, resulting in them looking fuller.

Masks that have both hyaluronic acid and collagen act as organic additives, enhancing rejuvenation and cell growth, to give the look of fatter, plumper and fuller lips over time, while still working to remove wrinkles and fine lines.

Can plumping cause damage to the lips?

The thought of jolting your lips with caffeine, burning them with chili extract, or boosting their look with animal extractives can be outright scary. However, it’s not as dangerous as it seems; besides, there are plenty of things that people use around their mouth that can lead to more discomfort and irritation, even drinking and eating.

Masks contain minimum amounts of ingredients and are considered very safe. Moreover, the products pass through thorough inspections for safety and are okay to be used as instructed. Beauticians refer to it as a ‘non-irritating’ lip plumping mask treatment.

How long does the lip treatment mask last?

How long the full look stays depends on with the user and how much practice they’ve put into it. It takes an average of two months to establish what works best and to get the best results. However, the application and effects get better with time.

On average, the plumped lips last between one to four hours, with one for those starting, two for most people, and for the gurus. With continuous use, the lips get accustomed and last longer.

As a beginner, it’s crucial to start slow and carefully, as the lip gloss can bruise your lips when you overdo it.

Furthermore, you also need to be well hydrated and stick to a no matte lipstick and a liner when using the plump lip mask.

What can I do if I bruise?

If correctly used, the mask won’t leave a mark and doesn’t hurt. But if you hurt, avoid using the product for about a week. If you’re just starting out on the lip mask, it can be a bit challenging to know how long is too long, but if you stick to the instructions and follow them carefully but still bruise, then you may be reacting to them. Bruising occurs for two reasons; it’s either you used for too long or the lip plumping mask is too hard for you.

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