Various Stages of Breast Implant Recovery

If you are considering undergoing a breast enlargement procedure, chances are that you are considering various factors, such as the costs involved, the type of procedure to undergo and you are even researching about who the best surgeons are. You also need to pay attention to breast implant recovery.

In order for your breast surgery recovery to go well, you need to know what to expect and what to do under various circumstances. This includes being familiar with the recovery timeline.


  • The first phase of the recovery process is soon after you leave the operating table. You will be taken to a ward, where you will wait for the anesthesia to wear off. The nurses will give you ample time to recover. Before you leave to go home, you will be given the medication that you require.


  • Once you get home, you need to take things easy for the first two to five days. This is because your chest muscles will be sore and you will feel a great amount of pressure around your chest. During this time, be sure to take your prescribed medication. This will most likely include some pain meds and muscle relaxant.


  • The muscle relaxant makes it possible for your chest muscles to relax. As the days go by, the amount of pain you feel will reduce, so you can also reduce the amount of pain tablets that you are taking. Using ice packs on the sore muscles will help to reduce the amount of swelling and inflammation during breast implant recovery.


  • Wait for at least 48 hours before you take a shower. Do not remove the tapes that have been put on the incisions, since pulling off the tapes might stretch the skin around that area, which might trigger bleeding.


  • During this breast augmentation recovery time, do not just lie in bed. Walk around for a few minutes every hour. This will minimize chances of you developing blood clots. However, avoid doing any strenuous exercises, since your body has not yet recovered and your incisions might be affected.


  • After about two weeks have passed, you can resume light duties. During this time, your body will have started making room for the breast implants. The breast tissues will start to expand, such that your implants will fit in well and give you a bigger breast size.


  • You can start doing breast massage at this time. When you go for your post op review, you will be shown how to massage your breasts. You should massage your breast for up to 10 minutes twice a day from around the armpit area. The massage should be done for up to 3 months after the surgery.


  • The last phase of full breast implant recovery might take up to a year to achieve. During this phase, you can resume your normal life and duties. The speed of breast enlargement recovery depends with individuals and will vary based on various factors, such as breast implant size and the procedure used.

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