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Vegan Bodybuilding – Stating the Obvious

Vegan bodybuilding has become the latest craze as it seems to contradict the previous image of vegans being skinny and skeletal like.  Two major components to being able to build muscle on a vegan diet is variety, this goes not only for eating a variety of foods in your vegan diet plan but also in your workout regiment.  One of the questions that seem to pop up time and time again for vegans, particularly for vegan bodybuilding, is the matter of protein intake.  While it is true the recommended daily allowance for protein is fairly low, this is not the case when building and maintaining muscle.  Protein can be found in many vegan foods but you will still need to take a protein supplement, rice protein is recommended for vegan lifestyles, and of course the other factor is your workout.  Taking a protein drink and doing some pushups is not going to do the trick.


Vegan Bodybuilding – Put Forth the Effort for Results

As with any bodybuilding, vegan bodybuilding requires some work.  You need to have a strenuous and challenging workout to build muscle.  Strenuous does not mean to do more than you are capable or to injure yourself, it simply means you have to put in the work to receive the rewards.  Start off with lighter weights till you understand your limits and then you can steadily improve with more weight.  As with any workout you need to do a warm-up with cardio, such as jumping jacks or other activity that will get your blood flowing before stretching.  You do not want to stretch cold as it can injure muscles.  Tearing muscle is essentially what bodybuilding consists of but it is in small doses while also taking days off in between to let your muscles heal and grow.  You can do cardio in these in between days including running, cycling, or other similar activities for at least thirty minutes.

Vegan Bodybuilding – Variety

A vegan bodybuilding diet allows you to eat quite a bit and you want to try to eat vegan foods that naturally have protein along with your supplement drink.  Legumes are a good way to achieve this with different types of beans, lentils, and others.  There are also different types of nuts available such as almonds.  You can also mix in some different fruits and milk substitutes such as rice, soy, or almond milk with your rice protein for a delicious shake.  Flax seed supplements are also great for vegan bodybuilding.  Nut butters, in moderation, are also a great way to get protein along with some necessary fats that can help you absorb the protein and build muscle.  If you have a good workout routine than you can eat a lot to help build the muscle you want while still staying lean to let your muscles show.  Any bodybuilding routine requires some effort and you have to push yourself, again without injuring yourself, to build the body you want and maintain it.  You will want a hefty amount of protein to achieve this, and although protein can be found in vegan foods it is still going to require quite a bit more.  It is recommended to intake approximately 1 gram of protein per pound of lean muscle.  This usually seems to average to be a little elss than your body weight.  If you are 180 pounds then you will need around 150 grams of protein.  Yes, this is a lot, but it is necessary for building muscle and non vegans have just as difficult of a time to find this amount of protein and must use supplements to maintain it.  Have a variety of different types of foods in healthy portions, and vary your workout so you are not doing the same routines every day.  Put forth the effort if you want results.  Let your muscles heal in between days and take a rice protein supplement to achieve great results with a vegan bodybuilding plan.

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