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Vegan Definition – An Overview of the Lifestyle

Photo of a table top full of fresh vegetables fruit and other healthy foods.

The vegan definition was coined by Donald Watson; he is the founder of the vegan society. He defined veganism as a way of living that excludes all forms of animals’ food, and clothing’s. This means that any person who is a vegan does not eat cows, chicken, pigs, fish and any other animal product. They are not also supposed to eat the gravies, broths or sauces made from the animal products. In addition vegans avoid eating products such as honey, eggs, cheese, milk and butter. Certain foods that contain gelatin or some that are made of whey, casein or glycerin are also considered as animals products thus they are avoided by vegans. When it comes to vegan definition in terms of clothing it means that vegans choose not to wear any clothing made of suede, silk, leather, fur, wool or any kind of fabric made from animals.  They also have a different lifestyle in that they try avoiding places of entertainment that exploits animals.  This means that they cannot visit zoos, circuses and rodeos.  Don’t be surprised because they do this for their own freedom.

Photo of a table top full of fresh vegetables fruit and other healthy foods.

Vegan Definition – What’s the difference between vegan and vegetarian?

Vegan definition is not the same as vegetarian, vegetarians abstain from eating meat but they can still consume eggs, milk and any other by-products from animals. There are lacto vegetarians and ovo-vegetarians, the lacto – vegetarians are the ones that consume milk while the ovo-vegeterians are the ones who eat eggs. One difference between a vegetarian and veganism is that the vegetarians can consume other animals’ product except meat but the vegans do not consume either. However the major difference between the two is that vegetarians are a diet, whereas veganism is a lifestyle. The definition of vegans is so clear in that they are not allowed to wear animals or to use the animals for entertainment. It has been pointed out by many people that vegan tends to avoid any animal products. But in real life it is so difficult to avoid all the products. There are movies that are associated with animals of which even if you are a vegan you can’t avoid watching them. Nevertheless, most of the things used in playing games are made of animals’ products so you can’t avoid playing a single game. Although there are plenty of resources that are available to this will assist you to live an animal friendly life. This include, baking of delicious goodies, having recipes for your meals that exclude animal products.

Vegan Definition – The Choice

Vegan definition is of benefits to those people who cook for vegans or those who wants to be vegan. To avoid eating products that contain animal’s products then you have to look at the ingredients of that product. Ensure that you check it carefully to avoid purchasing products that are made of animals’ products. Visiting a health store is important if you are a vegan this will enable you to avoid the animal products big time. Lastly vegan definition has many in and out that may make you look at it as a complicated lifestyle.  But overtime you will learn which brands is vegan since living a life that is animal friendly is definitely a worth life.

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