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Vegan Diet – A Healthier Choice

Most of the important vitamins and minerals necessary in a healthy diet already exist in a vegan diet, contrary to popular belief.  However there are some nutrients that may require supplements if the proper foods are not being eaten to provide you with them.  There are also many vegan foods that are fortified with these vitamins that may otherwise be missing.  Many think that it is difficult to get protein with a vegan diet but the truth is the daily amount of protein required is low and there are many vegan foods that provide it such as almonds and other nuts or nut butters, chickpeas, and peas, vegetarian beans, spinach, potatoes, and many others so it is not necessary to take a protein supplement so long as you eat a variety of different foods in your vegan diet.


The main difference from vegetarians and vegans is that vegans refrain from all animal products and by products in every aspect of their life, this includes things like leather clothing and accessories, fur, honey, cosmetic products, and any product that contains any form of animal products or by products.  A vegan diet does not have to be difficult and with the proper planning can be very tasty and delicious.

Vegan Diet – Taste is on the Menu

Many would have you think that a vegan diet consists of lying around in fields chewing on grass and twigs but there are many tasty recipes available for a delicious meal.  It is typically the variety of spices that add taste to most meals and the majority of spices are safe for vegan consumption.  Most labels put whether the product has animal byproducts in bold lettering but some do not so always check the labels.  If you are unsure of certain ingredients then you can look them up to be sure; one of the joys of smart phones is you can look it up right there in the store.  You can also shop at natural food stores for an easier time in the selection process.

Vegan Diet – How to Fill the Void

A vegan diet will allow you to be healthier naturally just by eating better.  For instance most people just don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables in their diet, any diet, and by going vegan it becomes a necessity.  Fruits and vegetables can be quite delicious and take very little preparation to make, and in most cases don’t need any preparation.  So eat more fruits and vegetables everyone whether you are going vegan or not.  A vegan diet does not always denote immediate health, especially since there are still many snack foods available for vegan diets, just because it is vegan friendly doesn’t necessarily mean it is healthy, though most vegan foods are healthy you shouldn’t go gorging on chips and other snack foods.  As far as some of the missing ingredients in a vegan diet such as vitamin B12, calcium, and vitamin D; there are supplements available to fulfill this need.  Of course there are also vegan foods available that provide these as well if you know what to eat.  For calcium you can eat dark green vegetables or intake foods or juices fortified with this vitamin.  For Vitamin D, you simply need some sun, it can provide all the vitamin D you need with little exposure.  Vitamin B12 is a vitamin that will either need foods or juices fortified with the vitamin or supplements will be needed as it is not found naturally in a vegan diet.  If you can stick with your vegan diet you will find it to be quite pleasant as you become healthier and feel better about yourself.

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