Vibringe® Dental Syringe Helps Take The Pain Out Of Root Canals

Vibringe® Dental Syringe Helps Take The Pain Out Of Root Canals

Vibringe out of Amsterdam, Holland makes an innovative microchip controlled irrigation syringe, of the same name, for dental root canal procedures. By introducing high frequency sonic vibrations to the ejected liquid, the device thought to be more efficient at cleaning out debris from the root canal versus more traditional irrigators. The Vibringe won this year’s prestigious reddot design award nd the IF design award.
vibringe Vibringe Ultrasonic Dental Irrigation Syringe

Sonic flow technology

Vibringe® is an endodontic device to for root canal irrigation. The unique patented sonic flow technology is controlled by a micro-processor.
use44334 Vibringe Ultrasonic Dental Irrigation Syringe

One button control Vibringe® is easy to use due to it’s one button control. You can switch it on or off. Or you can continuously hold the button to activate the device.

Battery charge indicator tells you when to charge the battery again. With a full charge you can use Vibringe® a whole day doing endodontics.Auto-shut off Vibringe® shuts off automatically after 2 minutes for your safety and comfort, so that it will not happen you grasp a discharged device.

White LED for more visibility and patient comfort Vibringe® has an integrated white LED light. Patients experience the Vibringe® as more friendly than a normal syringe, which makes treatment more easy.

Quick connection the Vibringe® can be easily connected and disconnected from the disposable syringe by a smart connection piece.

Ergonomic and lightweight.

The Vibringe® is an ergonomically designed device to optimize your root canal irrigation procedure. Besides that the handpiece is a lightweight designed instrument.

The Vibringe® has an integrated unique inductive charging system to easily charge the device and to be able to clean the device properly.

Low energy consumption for environmental reasons we developed an extremely low energy consuming device.

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