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What are denture adhesives?

Ok, if you are using dentures, it means that you didn’t pay attention to your teeth very well, so now you use dentures. It can also mean that you had bad or sick teeth even if you took a good care of them. It’s all about your bone. There are some lucky people in the world that don’t even pay any attention to their teeth and they still have a healthy teeth bone. But when you finally get your denture put on its time for some denture adhesives. Today in this modern era there are several kinds of soft dentures for more comfort of the wearer that is with less stress on the gums which is an enormous relief for the users. The denture adhesives we use help us by lubricating and therefore we can adjust with our “new teeth” much better.


What is a denture adhesive?

When you have a denture for the first time in your mouth it feels like something odd is inside you. Well it’s not a part of you (at least not a live one), you know that. It takes time to get used to it, don’t worry. There are denture adhesive that would solve this problem from for you. Denture adhesives are nothing more than a sticker (glue) that temporally holds the denture in place after it’s applied. There are a lot of types of denture adhesives like paste, powders, pads, strips etc. Every one of denture adhesives weaver has to pick their adhesive until they finds the best one for them. The best natural adhesive is in our mouth, yes you read it right, it our saliva. Our saliva affects the denture stability and holds our denture on place.

Why do I need denture adhesives?

You need denture adhesives when your dentures become irritating and loose.  This state could be caused by several things. It could be loss of weight or by getting your dentures made to soon. How long the adhesive lasts would depend on several things. Denture adhesives usually hold shorter for lower dentures and longer with upper dentures. The lower dentures are mostly loosened by food and liquids.  Important thing to do when u are cleaning your denture is to remove the adhesive first, then thoroughly clean your denture and then place it in  water .There are also available special denture toothbrushes that are especially meant for denture cleaning.


Thing you need to know about denture adhesive

If your denture is bad placed, loose and pressing your gums you should visit a dentist so he can repair it, because denture adhesives are just temporarily solving the problem in this case and in some cases can make things worse. And remember you should always talk with you dental doctor before you make any decisions involving your denture. And for those who still have some of their teeth take a good care of them and brush them every day for 2 times so you don’t have to wear a denture or use denture adhesives.

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