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What are denture implants?

Unfortunately, a large percentage of people sooner or later loose one or more teeth for some reason. When you are missing a few teeth, you won’t be able to eat normally, speak clearly or smile with all the confidence. If you want to smile, eat and talk normally, there are good news for you – denture implants! Denture implants are dentures which are functionally assisted by dental implants. They are often called Implant Retained Dentures. Dental implants, which are needed for denture implants to function, are artificial structures made of titanium, which are built into the jawbone. It is the most effective, and also the most long-lasting way to replace missing teeth.


Denture implants are usually recommended to patients with no remaining natural teeth. The denture implants have an attachment which is compatible with the attachments fixed into the denture. Usually two implants in the lower jawbone and four in the upper jaw are needed for the denture implants to function.

Advantages of denture implants

Denture implants allow you the ability of normal chewing, unlike the removable appliances.  Appearance-wise, they have a lot of benefits over the removable appliances, since they look more natural. They help prevent the loss of bone and gum and give you the ability of normal eating and speech. Losing the teeth over time leads to bone loss. That is the reason why some people are not able to use traditional removable dentures and the denture implants are a great solution for those cases. Denture implants are a lot more comfortable from the classic removable dentures. They are fixed, but the patient can still remove them for cleaning purposes. When they become worn after years of use, the replacement is at low cost. You won’t have the uncomfortable feeling of wearing dentures with the denture implants. You won’t have to worry about your dentures coming off, or moving while you eat or speak.

Are the Denture implants a successful solution?

The results from the researches and the documentation prove that denture implants are long lasting, effective and comfortable. Constant oral hygiene, that your doctor will tell you how to maintain, is a key factor to ensure the well-functioning of the denture implants. You will need to visit your dentist regularly, and that is important so he can assess the health of the gum tissue.


Mini denture implants

Mini denture implants are used with patients when their jawbone is not sufficient enough to hold standard implants. These are not considered to be a long term solution, but are effective in cases like that, and also make your denture more stable. They do allow small movements of the denture, but it will not fall out. This is more economical alternative than the standard implants. The mini denture implants are very small and you will feel no discomfort at all. Mini implants are usually used to secure the lower denture. The placement procedure is painless, with a local anesthetic. If you are wondering if denture implants or mini implants are for you, visit your dentist. He will provide you with all the information you need so you could decide if one of these is the right solution for you.

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