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What are snap on dentures?

What’s the first thing you think about when someone mentions dentures? Maybe your grandpa’s or grandmas fake teeth floating in a glass, or a scene from a comedy movie? Whatever you think of, dentures are actually more common than you think. However, the requirements for the usage of dentures are pretty drastic. Dentures are generally used to replace multiple missing teeth, giving people without a substantial number of teeth back a way to chew their food properly. And chewing food properly is actually more important than most people imagine. The better we chew our food, the less effort our digestive system has to put in to fully digest the food we consume. If we don’t chew our food properly, a stomach ache is the most common issue, but it can be even more serious than that.


Snap on dentures – The risks of having no teeth

For instance, just imagine a situation where you want to eat some fresh fish. We all know how many tiny bones there are in fish, especially fresh fish. We notice and eventually remove most of these bones when we chew, so the health risks for people without a substantial number of teeth are far greater. A small bone can get lodged inside your throat, potentially blocking your airways if it blocks the passage of food. Not to mention that a bone stuck inside your throat can hurt pretty badly, although most people don’t remember it due to the sheer panic from the feeling of suffocation. Then there’s also the fact that your gums are permanently exposed and vulnerable without teeth in them. You can basically cut yourself with certain kinds of foods, possibly leading to severe and very painful gum inflammation. Having no teeth is definitely no laughing matter, pardon the pun.

Snap on dentures – How are dentures usually made?

Dentures are pretty much used in various circumstances. For instance, you don’t have to have bad teeth to require dentures. Some people have lost a great number of their teeth in unfortunate traffic accidents. A simple fall can completely break or dislodge multiple teeth at once. Although our teeth are strong enough to chew through a lot, they’re surprisingly sensitive. When a person is missing some teeth in the upper or lower jaw, dentures can be custom made to replace up to an entire jaw-line of teeth. Basically, dentures do not need to replace all of your teeth. Sometimes dentures use healthy teeth to properly snap into position. There are event dentures that use root canal implants to snap into position easier.

Snap on dentures – Types of dentures

Among of the most commonly used types of dentures are snap on dentures. Basically, snap on dentures are quite convenient because the fit into position quickly and you don’t have to pay too much attention to them afterwards. These types of dentures simply stay in place and don’t require constant readjustments, so they’re nigh unnoticeable when you wear them through your day to day affairs.

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