What Can I Do About Dental Pain?

Monarch Dental San Antonio Gives Us Answers

Monarch Dental in San Antonio gives us a few quick tips on how to reduce pain and occasional discomfort brought about from any oral health issues while you wait for your emergency dental appointment.

The thing of it is that mishaps happen and most of us can experience some type of dental problem or pain at any moment. What do you do? How can you minimize this intense or chronic pain? We ask our affiliates at Monarch to help with the answers.

Monarch Dental in San Antonio tell us that it is possible to experience dental pain even when you practice good oral health care. You can experience some occasional dental discomfort or other teeth pain related problems. When this occurs you want to first call your dentist about this pain. Now, while you wait for your appointment, you can try these home remedies that offer temporary relief from the discomfort.

Toothache – first rinse with water to clear out your mouth.  Then floss to gently clean the area and make sure that there is no food or anything external that is causing the pain. While you can take a pain killer like Tylenol, you want to avoid the tendency some people use of placing aspirin against the gumline. This can cause additional damage to the gum area.   

You can also choose a salt water rinse. Just place a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water and swish it around your mouth. You can also rub clove oil, which is a natural antiseptic on the sore area. Another simple home remedy is to place sugar-free gum over a lost filling or cracked tooth as this can keep food and bacteria out.  

Lost filling – First use the salt water rinse to get rid of or minimize the pain. Then make an emergency dental appointment with your dentist say the experts at Monarch Dental San Antonio

Loose crown – When this occurs you need to get to your dentist as soon as possible, However you can keep the tooth temporarily in place by mixing a spoon of cornstarch and vaseline and placing it around the roots of the tooth or in the socket where the tooth came out and placing the tooth back in place.  

Bleeding gums – You can minimize inflammation and reduce bleeding by using  a wet tea bag  on the area. Press the bag over  the bleeding area for about 20 minutes.

Monarch dental in San Antonio tells us that when you have this type of problem you need to visit your dentist as soon as possible. But in the time that you wait for the dentist to see you, you can practice the above tips to minimize the discomfort caused by dental issues.

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