What Do Cheap Dental Implants Cost?

The cost of dental implants can seem overwhelming, but the truth is this is the best treatment when you are looking for an alternative to replace missing teeth. Still in the United States,  even cheap dental implants cost about $5000, and the reason for this is expense is caused by a number of reasons.

  1. The process requires more than one intervention from various dental profesionals.  It’s a very sensitive procedure that takes more than one expert to carry out. Getting dental implants requires a full dental health check, dental profile assessment (radiographic checks), and laboratory work (sometimes multiple lab work).
  2. Every person needs a customized treatment plan. Every person who comes to a cosmetic dental clinic is a different case. He or she has unique medical history and functional requirements. Thus, he or she must be assessed and given treatment independent of the other patients’ treatment.
  3. The processes and materials involved in making implants are expensive. As mentioned above, you need a number of x-rays to make sure the size of your implant is appropriate in relation to your dental profile. In addition, the materials (titanium and porcelain or composite prostheses) are expensive. Furthermore, designing your implant is a painstaking process, both technically and creatively.
  4. You may also require additional procedures. For instance, some patients need bone grafting.


So How Can You Get Cheap Dental Implants?

The easiest way to find cheap dental implants is to look around and find aesthetic dental clinics that offer cheaper treatment. But be careful. Ask for a full estimate before undergoing treatment. Make sure  that the entire treatment includes a number of consultations, x-ray sessions, modeling, surgery, dental implant recovery procedures and any other extra procedures (e.g. bone grafting).


Find Dentists in Rural Areas

Professionals practicing in large cities can   charge higher rates for their expertise and services than those practicing in small rural area. However,in most cases, the treatment does not differ that much, so driving out of town can be convenient to your pocket book.


Go abroad?

Prices of dental implants in United States  go anywhere from $3000 to $4000, sometimes even more. However, countries like Mexico, and Costa Rica have significantly cheaper rates–around $1000-$2000. Prices are even lower in Thailand or India.

This is why dental tourism has become a reasonable option for people who want to escape high domestic rates for dental procedures.


Dentistry Schools Offer Cheap Dental Implants

Did you know dentistry schools of dentistry allow graduates to perform dental procedures, such as fitting dental implants, with the supervision of senior dentists? Unfortunately, this may be an option only available to people within the low income bracket may be eligible to the procedure, and patients often have to register themselves on a wait list and agree that the procedure may be carried out during their working hours.

This cheap dental implant option may have some strict qualifications and may not be availabe to everyone. You might also  find that there are too many people on the wait list. If you need the procedure soon, this may not be a possible  option.

Furthermore, surgical installation of implants is still quite a risky operation that many people only entrust to a seasoned cosmetic dentist, not a fresh graduate.


Get a Loan

Dental Implants Atlanta suggests you can finance a dental implant procedure by getting a loan. Your chances of getting a loan approved is high if you have good credit standing and have no outstanding debt. A better option is to find companies that finance dental work; you will pay them on monthly basis with interest.

Small monthly payments prove to be more manageable and reasonable for many people. Non-payment may result in litigation though.


Find a Less Experienced Dental Implant Specialist

Some dentists who are  just starting out in the field will probably charge lower rates, after all, the do want to build a client base. Their inexperience can be a risk factor, though. In most cases, you are better off by just going to an established dentist who has experience in implants.


Talk to Your Dentist

Dental Implants Atlanta suggests that dentists, especially those in the field for quite some time, know they deal with people from different walks of life and with different budgeting needs. Dentists are often open to making arrangements with patients who can use discounts or more manageable payment deals. Some dental clinics offer flexibility or payment plans to people who cannot afford a one-off payment.


Check with Your Dental Insurance Provider

This is an iffy situation. You must consider that most dental insurance coverage plans rarely covers the cost of implants, as these are considrered cosmetic procedures and not medical, in nature. However, there are cases where some insurance providers do consider covering this procedure, most likely partially, if tooth loss results in medical problems that can only be corrected through dental implants.



Dental implants can be very expensive, but you do not have to handle all of the expenses alone, and you have a lot of options to spend less. Getting your smile and confidence back does not have to break the bank. Choose the option that best suits your needs and plan ahead. There are several options out there so be sure to talk to your dentist.

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