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What is a partial denture in comparison to full dentures?

A partial denture is a replacement for missing teeth. You can distinguish two partial dentures: removable and fixed. Partial denture helps you in your everyday activities. A partial denture is a dental appliance with a number of false teeth on it. It can be made out of plastic or mixture of metal and plastic. They all have clasps, which help to keep denture in the mouth. A partial denture also can be attached with crowns, which are called hidden clasps and you can’t see them when you open your mouth. A partial denture is made of many small parts. Base is pink or gum-colored plastic on which the teeth are attached. Teeth can be made out of plastic or porcelain.


Metal framework is major connector which makes denture more stable. It is shaped in U form, so it can fit the shape of mouth. Beside the major connector, there are some minor connectors which are protruding from the lingual bar. A partial denture also contains direct and indirect retainer. A direct retainer is the metal clasp and parts adjacent to the denture teeth. Clasps are made of metal or plastic and they attach false teeth on the remaining teeth. There are different designs of clasps: cast circumferential clasp, wrought wire clasp and roach clasp. Fixed partial denture replaces teeth by placing crowns and bridges which are cemented.

Different partial denture applications

A partial denture can be removable or fixed. Fixed partial denture can be removed only by a dentist. Fixed prosthesis can’t be removed by a patient and you need to wear it all the time. Removable partial denture is better because it can be removed and reinserted when required without dental professional help. A removable partial denture is used when a person doesn’t have enough teeth to serve as support for a bridge so fixed partial denture can’t be used. Other division of dentures is on a plastic partial denture and one that contains metal. Plastic partial dentures are less expensive, so maybe financial limitations will make you buy one. They must be made very carefully because if they don’t fit properly, they can damage the teeth. Metal partial dentures are made from cobalt and chromium so they are much stronger than the plastic ones. They are easier to wear but they need the support from remaining teeth. The best way to pick a type of a partial denture is to consult your dentist. He will advise you which partial denture is best for you according to the condition of your remaining teeth.


Will partial denture change my life?

Partial denture will change your life, but in a good way. At the beginning, you might feel awkward, but you will get used to it. Handling with it requires some practice, but it is made just for you so inserting partial denture should be relative easy. You must know that you shouldn’t bite it because it could bend. With partial denture it is easier to eat but for the first few weeks you should eat soft food. Also, avoid chewing gum. Partial denture doesn’t change the way you speak, it only take time to get used to it. So don’t be afraid, your life will be much easier with a partial denture!

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