What Is Breast Augmentation Fat Transfer?

Having bigger, fuller, and firmer breast is always a dream for most women. However, for so many years the only option that existed for them was breast implants. Even though the idea of getting breast implants is still very much alive and well, now you can use fat transfer as an alternative way of getting fuller, sexier, and bigger breasts. The breast augmentation fat transfer procedure is the latest option in breast cosmetic surgery and when you look at the results it delivers, it will be wise to give it a look and see how it works and what it achieves.

What Is Breast Augmentation Fat Transfer?

Fat grafting breast augmentation is an invasive surgical procedure that is used to transfer fat from other parts of your body to the breast. The process uses fat as a filler agent to contour breast and delivers big, symmetrical, and fuller boobs.  The process involves liposuction in order to harvest the fat used in the surgery. If you are insecure about your breast or perhaps you don’t like the size and symmetry of your breast, this is the surgery to go for.

What Are The Benefits Of A Fat Transfer Breast Surgery?

In case you are cracking your mind not knowing whether to choose implants or go for fat transfer, there are a few benefits that may help you make a better decision. Fat transfer is as natural as it gets when it comes to cosmetic surgery. The fat transplanted into your breast comes from your own body. Think of it as redistribution so that this time your breasts get a fair share of the fat than another part of your body. In addition to this, even though noticing the difference between implants and fat grafting is not easy, there is that psychological feel that fat grafting breast surgery gives you naturally looking breasts compared to implants.

How To Get Breast Improvement Fat Transfer

Any certified and licensed cosmetic surgeon will perform the breast augmentation fat transfer surgery in his or her office using a standard surgery kit. However, since there are so many doctors these days who claim to offer plastic surgery, it might be wise to choose a practitioner who has done this numerous times before to avoid any risk of complications. On average the procedure will cost between $5000 and $10000. Plastic surgeons who are more experienced in breast augmentation will charge more than those who are not.  It’s always better to pay that extra fee and be sure that the results will be good enough than to take a chance with someone who perhaps has never done this before or maybe has just done a few surgeries in the past.

Fat breast augmentation is one of the most effective solutions for women looking for the best breasts. Connect a plastic surgeon anytime and see how it can work for you.

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