What is Coolsculpting And Before And After Pictures

If you are asking yourself what is coolsculpting and before and after pictures? It means that you are looking for a safe way to lose fat. Here are some key things that you should know about this procedure

  • It is non invasive
  • It will help you get rid of excess fat under your skin
  • It is more focused on fat loss rather than weight loss
  • It is done using a machine


What Is Cryolipolysis and Before and After Images and How Coolsculpting Started

If you are wondering what is cryolipolysis and before and after images and how it started, this procedure was started by two dermatologists, who observed that children who ate ice popsicles lost fat on their cheeks. The area where the popsicles hit their cheeks became dimpled as a result of the fat on the cheeks freezing when it came into contact with the ice. The children then developed redness and swelling on their cheeks 6 to 72 hours after eating popsicles. The dermatologists then decided to explore this phenomenon more and they used pigs for their research. This is what eventually led to this procedure being adapted for human use to help in losing fat in the body.


If you want to know what is coolsculpting and before and after pictures, you need to realize that this procedure was approved in 2009 in Europe and 2010 in the US by the Food Drug and Administration (FDA) and it has been in use since then. Thousands of people have undergone this procedure all over the world and they have noticed considerable fat loss in their bodies.


If you see the before and after images of patients who have undergone this procedure, you will notice a marked difference after they have been to 4 -5 sessions. This might surprise you, especially if you learn that they lost the fat without having to undergo liposuction or surgery or without dieting or exercising.


If you want to see before and after photos what is fat freeze removal, you can visit the websites of doctors who have performed this procedure. This will give you a picture of what to expect as the end result of undergoing the procedure. This can motivate you to take action and also undergo fat freeze removal.


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