What Is The Cost Of Cool Sculpting?

A lot of people have come to realize the benefits of coolsculpting, and as a result, there are so many who are currently looking at the cost of cool sculpting in a bid to get rid of the stubborn fat on their body. It is indeed discouraging that you would invest in a rigorous exercise regime, and plan your diet accordingly, only for you to end up struggling to lose some fat in the process. Because of this reason, you need to effectively think about the cost of coolsculpting, so that you can plan for it and see the real benefits.


The cost

On average, a coolsculpting session should cost you around $1500. This is particularly so in the event that you are not extremely overweight, and you only need to get rid of fat from some parts of your body that are giving you a difficult time. This will be a good option for you, and you will even get awesome results that you will appreciate, without having to go through a rigorous recovery process. Other than that, it will also save you on your finances, especially when you compare this with the other options, of liposuction and perhaps a tummy tuck.

On the problem area in question, you will need around two treatment sessions. However, it is important for you to discuss this with your doctor first because there are some parts of the body that might need more treatment sessions and procedures. One of the other reasons why you need to discuss this alongside the cost of cool sculpting with your doctor is so that they are able to advise you accordingly, with respect to the results that you can look forward to.


In as far as the coolsculpting cost is concerned, this will vary from one medical facility to the other. It will also depend on the part of the body that you want to be treated. Each body section has different requirements, and will also depend on how much fat you are looking to get rid of from that particular section. The following is a brief breakdown of what it could cost you to get this procedure done per section, and what is involved:

Love Handles

This is one of the most common areas for coolsculpting. Having stubborn fat here can be quite the trouble to deal with, but then again, it is also one of the best places to have the procedure done. Quite a number of doctors these days prefer to treat both your love handles in one session, and it is a procedure that should cost you not more than $1500.

The Butt

Having nice perky bums sounds like a dream come true for most people. This is particularly in the event that you have a characteristic droopy and fat butt. You should not worry, however, because this is one of the common coolsculpting areas. You can get a nice Brazilian looking butt with coolsculpting for less than $1000.



The thighs are some of the most troublesome areas when it comes to losing fat. It is also for this reason why a lot of people are looking to learn about the cost of cool sculpting so that they can have coolsculpting for thighs. The good thing, however, is that each of your thighs will only need one session and you will be good to go. This should cost you no more than $1600, and you can wave goodbye to cellulite on your thighs.

The Tummy

Considering the challenges that are associated with liposuction and tummy tuck, coolsculpting sounds like a really good idea for anyone who wants to get rid of some stubborn fat around the tummy. This is one of the most common trouble areas, and you will, in fact, have the results you need through coolsculpting. A session should take around 45 minutes, but you will need two of them to complete the procedure. It could be more depending on how much fat you want to lose anyway.

This is also another procedure that is relatively affordable, and you will not spend anything more than $1600 in the process.

Remember that these affordable coolsculpting options depend on a number of factors. It might actually depend more importantly, on the amount of fat you want to lose. This also could determine the number of sessions that you will undergo in order to complete the process. Other than that, different doctors charge differently for the procedure. Doctors who have some experience with this process will tend to charge more, because they have become icons, if not legends in the industry, for delivering awesome results to their patients.


Assuming you were to travel outside the country for coolsculpting, you will also need to factor in, apart from the cost of the procedure, other expenses like air travel, accommodation, insurance and other miscellaneous expenses. All these eventually add up to the overall cost of having this procedure carried out.

A lot of people tend to prefer having it done in a different country, perhaps because they have done their research and realized it is affordable there, but then again, when you factor in the cost of cool sculpting associated with traveling to and from the host nation, it would be best to visit a professional near you to get this done.

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