What Is The Cost Of CoolSculpting? A Quick Guide

Whether you’re looking to lose your love handles or tame troublesome thighs, at some point, you must have come across a term that’s been creating a lot of buzz recently and that’s CoolSculpting. Approved by the FDA in September 2010 for fat removal from targeted fat compartments, CoolSculpting is a non-invasive alternative to surgical liposuction and SmartLipo. The medical treatment is being performed worldwide, representing a way to contour your body and finally get rid of those pesky love handles and stubborn bulges that resist through diet and exercise. The important questions at this point are:


What is the cost of CoolSculpting and is the fat-reduction procedure worth the money?

To answer these questions, you first need to understand the concept of CoolSculpting and the kind of result you can expect. So let’s dig into the meat and potatoes without further delay.


In a world where we all feel the pressure of being ready for the bikini season or getting rid of the evidence of festive feeding frenzies as soon as possible, CoolSculpting promises a journey to a slimmer you. Perhaps that explains why the topic has been on the tips of tongues as of late. Described as a non-surgical treatment for the removal of fat from problem areas like the abdomen and inner thighs, the medical procedure captured the attention of many. The benefits of CoolSculpting are certainly enticing.


For example, CoolSculpting is completely non-invasive, which means that it involves no needle, no scalpel and no scars. The procedure also requires no anesthesia or downtime with patients often times returning to work after their CoolSculpting treatment is over.


The trick is going to be your budget. After all, like most cosmetic corrective procedures including dermal fillers and Botox, CoolSculpting is not cheap. This challenge is further accentuated by the fact that to achieve your ultimate goals, you will probably need to receive treatments in multiple body areas.  For best results, create a customized treatment plan tailored to your body, goals and budget before you embark on a CoolSculpting journey.


This brings us to the next consideration which is the price for CoolSculpting procedures. What Is The Cost Of CoolSculpting in 2016?


Ballpark prices for CoolSculpting treatments  are as follows:


  • Treatment of the upper abdomen: $800
  • Treatment of the lower abdomen: $1500
  • Treatment of the flanks/sides: $1500
  • Treatment of the abdomen and flanks/sides: $3000


CoolSculpting can also be used to eliminate stubborn fat in your inner and outer thighs and double chin.


In summary

If you’re looking to improve how you look from certain angles and you are unable to achieve the results through diet and exercise, CoolSculpting might just do the trick for you. The only thing you need to remember is that CoolSculpting is not a procedure that will help you with weight loss. It is only effective as a way to get rid of stubborn fat bulges so you look slimmer in your clothes. It is useless in the face of obesity or postpartum weight loss.

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