What makes for A Good Dental Appoinment?

Think of Dental Fun, Dentist Jokes and Stories

If you just dont like going to the dentist, and try to do everything possible to avoid it, then  you are in the right place to be. I am not going to lecture you about my experiences at the dentist, but I have a few very important and helpful tips and tricks on how you can enjoy your next visit to the dentist, so lets get right into them.


Tips and Tricks to Enjoy The Dental Visit

Every year, the dental office gets more complex and you may find that going to the dentist comes with, strange smells, objects and scary things. But in recent years, dentists have been trying there best to make this visit comfortable to you. So you might want to think about doing your part and trying a few of these techniques to make the process easier.


Look For The Upbeat

The first step is to find an upbeat fun and helpful staff filled dental office, one which can relieve your stress and make you more comfortable. Look for a dentist office that makes getting in that office easy and fast. These dentists typically take the initiative to find out who you are, what you like to do for fun, if you have children, etc. This shows that they care and they have worked at being more social and chatty which makes you feel more comfortable.

You might also want to look for a dentist office with a spa like environment, maybe this office will have natural food snacks, natural drinks, or products for your teeth. 


What is your fear at the dentist?

Going to the dentist is a source of fear for many Americans each and every day. The following ideas may help you find out what your fear is at the dentist, and in knowing you can take measures to eliminate it.


  1. Pain?, Do you worry about Pain?  Dental technology has gotten a lot better and this has led to more patient comfort. If it has been several years since your last visit to the dentist, you may be relieved to know that this new technology makes dental procedures more gentle and it is now easier for the dentist to work on your teeth.  

2. Are you Worried About Being Judged? No one will judge you for the state of your oral health. A lot of people have both oral health and financial problems. It’s nearly impossible to have absolutely perfect teeth and it’s doubtful that any dentist or dental hygienist has seen perfect teeth. They would be out of a job. A professional staff won’t criticize or judge you as a person because of teeth issues.

3. Think of your teeth. After visiting the dentist, you will be proud of your nt to smile and show off your teeth. Teeth are whiter, healthier, and much cleaner after having visited the dentist, than they can be from any home treatment you could use. In fact, fluoride treatments and tartar removal can only be done by a dentist or a dental hygienist. These are important procedures that keep your enamel strong and protect your mouth from gingivitis. The more you put off a visit, the more likely you are to develop serious tooth or gum issues.  You’ve got this…







Last but never least try to have some fun with your dentist by, having a good conversation or sharing a few dentist jokes or even just learning about your dentist’s real life a little more. Here are a few dentist jokes you can tell your dentist and see if he has a good a laugh as you do.


Good Dentist Jokes

  1. What game did the dentist play when she was a child = Caps and robbers
  2. What did the dentist say to the computer = This won’t hurt a byte
  3. What is a dentist’s office = A filling station
  4. What did the dentist say to the golfer = “You have a hole in one. “
  5. Why did the king go to the dentist = To get a new crown!

I hope you enjoyed reading this…