What the Heck is Haliotosis and How Do I Get Rid of It?

Bad breath seems to be an issue that concerns many Americans, and we wanted to confirm it, so we asked the experts at some of the Dental Clinics we often work with.

And guess what? Our Suspicions were confirmed!Many people in America have a problem with haliotosis, say the experts from Atlanta Oral Surgery, Dr. Park Dentist Clinic, Lincoln Park Dentistry and Highland Family Dentistry. So let’s find out why so many of us suffer from halitosis or bad breath, despite our frequent visits to the dentist.

Are you embarrassed because of your bad breath? Do you constantly go around putting your hand over your mouth and checking to see how bad it is? According to the experts at Highland Family Dentistry, this is a common occurrence.

Halitosis or bad breath can be downright embarrassing, especially when someone points out that your breath is not all that fresh. At this point, there is very little you can do at this point except chew sugarless gum or swallow a mint.  “But if you know that you have the problem, you can do something about it; you can avoid putting yourself in such Awkward situations in the future,” suggest the doctors Atlanta Oral Surgery.


What is Halitosis?

The doctors at Dr. Park Dentist Clinic defined the meaning of Halitosis or bad breath for us.

Halitosis or bad breath is like body odor, and some people just have it stronger than others. However, you can tackle the problem with good oral hygiene habits and a little knowledge. So let’s start by learning more about bad breath, how to check to see if you have it, and what works to eliminate it.


The Cause

“The most common reasons for halitosis is dry mouth,” suggest experts at Lincoln Park Dentistry. “Everyone knows that the body is a miracle in itself and this goes for the mouth as well. Under normal circumstances, we produce about a quart of saliva per day. but, certain people, medications and Foods can cause us to produce less saliva.Saliva is essential for removing bacteria and food Remnants,   which are the cause of bad breath.”

Dry Mouth –  “This is a common occurrence for halitosis and often occurs because you aren’t drinking enough water, or you have been sleeping or traveling, say the doctors at Highland Family Dentistry. “In some cases it is also caused by certain medications, suggest the dentists at Atlanta Oral Surgery. Dry mouth causes your body to slow down the production of saliva. It also leads to a dead-cell buildup on your tongue. Both of these issues cause you to emit a foul odor from your mouth. An easy solution to preventing this bad breath is to perform adequate oral hygiene. This means brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing at least once. If you aren’t brushing your teeth as you should, the  bacteria will grow and cause bad breath. 

The dental experts at Dr. Park Dentist Clinic suggest that another common reason for bad breath is the food that you eat. everyone is familiar with garlic or onion breath, or even the odor a smoker puts off. Crash dieting and fasting can also cause halitosis as well as other health problems. fasting and crash diets release ketones  that have this bad odor.

Medical Conditions Can Cause Halitosis Say Highland Family Dental Experts

There are also some medical conditions that cause bad breath. these can be throat and lung infections for dry mouth caused by medication, as well as kidneys, liver, diabetes, and more. In fact, bad breath can be an indication or a symptom of one of these health conditions,  so it is important that you consult with a doctor if you suddenly start having bad breath for no reason at all, and can’t seem to get rid of it, despite your using good oral hygiene practices.


How to Check for Bad Breath?

The first step to dealing with the social embarrassment of haliotosis is to know when you have bad breath before other people find out. as we mentioned before bad breath often starts with your tongue, so that’s the first place you want to check.

Conduct a visual check -Look at your tongue in the mirror and make sure that it is pinkish. This is a good sign, as a white and scaly tongue is bad, suggest the team at Highland Family,  specialist in oral bacteria. Take a spoon and scrape the back of your tongue with the tip of the spoon. Let it dry and then smell it. By scraping the back of your tongue with the tip of a spoon, you’ll quickly see whether you have bad breath or not. If the spoon Test shows that you have stinky breath, then you need to start Brushing your tongue  as far back as you can. Mouthwash,, and other minty products only mask the problem for a little while. Nothing works as well as a good toothbrush with the fluoride toothpaste.

If you want to add a little more power and substance to the problem to help remove halitosis as well, you can use these herbs.

  • Coriander
  • Spearmint

The Statistics

Halitosis affects about 50% of all Americans and it has many causes. the most common crosses come from plaque, inflammation of the gums, tooth decay, smoking,  low saliva production and other health conditions. But it can also be caused by something we eat. By chewing on an herb, using sugarless chewing gum or eating a vitamin C rich fruit we can eliminate this temporary odor.

“Good oral hygiene is the best way to keep your breath sweet,” say the experts at Highland Family. “But when that is not available, here are some other Foods and drinks you can use to fight bad breath.”


1 . Cheese and Yogurt

Some cultures always serve cheese after a meal, and there is a reason for it. Eating a piece of cheese after you’ve eaten other things neutralizes dietary acids, and this eliminates any odors your mouth may be giving off.


A serving of unsweetened yogurt can also help. a dental study in Japan found that people who ate yogurt twice a day reduce the levels of hydrogen sulfide in the body. This is a compound that can cause bad breath.

2. Crunchy Vegetables

It’s easy for soft and sticky foods to get trapped in your teeth, and this causes bacteria buildup and biofilm, which are the culprits for bad odor. Reach for a crunchy fruit or vegetable like celery, carrots or an apple. these crunchy fruits and vegetables 10 to scrub your teeth as you eat them and it helps strip the biofilm and leftover food from your teeth and from the crevices between your teeth.

3. Black Tea

Yes! Black tea can be good for you. It contains polyphenos that prevent the growth of bacteria and help prevent tooth decay. Take note though: too much caffeine can dry out your mouth so keep it down to one cup a day.

4.  sugarless candy and gum

Anything that  can increase of saliva flow in your mouth like sugar free candy or gum can help remove breath odor. Mint gum can generally mask a bad smell for certain amount of time. However, cinnamon can actually help eliminate the odor.

  1. Water

Lack of saliva can give you bad breath, so it’s only logical that water can make it better.  Water can also wash away left over this whole garlic, onion and other foods.


Bottom Line

As we’ve mentioned here before, there are many different foods or things you can do to mask bad breath, but to prevent bad breath or haliotosis, the best thing you can do is visit your dentist regularly. He will ensure that you that you don’t have any plaque build up and will help you prevent gingivitis. Practicing good oral hygiene will also prevent you from having bad breath so be sure to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once. Remember, the removal of food debris is essential in preventing bacteria from causing cavities and plaque. And the best way of doing this is by using proper hygiene techniques.


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