What To Consider When Going After The Biggest Breast Implants

One of the things that you should spend a lot of time on before you get a breast implant is in choosing the size of the implants. This is because a lot of women tend to be dissatisfied with how their boobs turn out after the operation. When going for the biggest breast implants, discuss extensively with your surgeon about what size would be best for you.

You also need to use sizers a lot to know what breast size is ideal for your body type. Here are some more factors to consider when you want to get the largest breast implants.

Decide Whether You Need Additional Implants or Not

If you already have big breasts, then there might be no need for you to get additional implants. The best thing would be to get a breast lift if your boobs are sagging. This will make your boobs firmer. To make them even perkier, a small reduction might be necessary, in addition to the lift. The placement of your nipples will also be adjusted so that it is higher up in your breasts. If you are not happy with the size after the reduction, then inserts can be inserted to make you go as big as you want.


Picking the right Size of Huge Breast Implants

The size of your body matters when you are getting your breasts enlarged. If you choose the biggest breast implants, you may end up regretting your decision in future. This is because the risk of breast asymmetry is big and your breast tissue might lose their sensation. That is why you should listen to the advice of your board certified plastic surgeon before you go for the biggest breast inserts. The implant size you pick should be supported by your body frame.

Types of Implants for the Biggest Breast Implants

Know the different types of implants that are available, since they give different results. For instance, silicone implants will give you a big cleavage. Silicone is also soft. Its major disadvantage is that it needs a large incision in order for the silicone to be inserted into the breasts. On the other hand, gummy bear implants give a more natural look. They are more stable and provide a better shape. There is also a reduced risk of the implants getting damaged while they are in the body. Even if it ruptures, it will still maintain its shape and not leak into the body.

Before going for the biggest breast implants after your first boob enlargement surgery, give your body time to heal first. You should give yourself 3-6 months before deciding to undergo another operation. This will give your implants time to settle and the swelling around the breasts will have significantly gone down.

If you decide to get the biggest boob job after your first boob job, you will still have to pay the same amount as what you paid for your initial surgery. This is because implants have a limited volume size, so it means that the implants you had had to be taken out and get replaced by implants with a bigger volume. If you are considering going bigger, make sure that the volume that you want to increase is significantly bigger, otherwise, you will only see a negligible difference between what you had before the operation and what you got after the surgery.

When going for the biggest breast implants, after you’ve had your first enlargement, it is best if the size you want to upgrade to is significantly bigger since if you only have a slight increase it will not make such a big difference to your body.

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