What To Do Before And After Nose Job

Rhinoplasty needs a lot of time for preparation despite the fact that the surgery only takes 2 hours.  The procedure should not be taken lightly despite the fact that it is common. Preparation for the nose job should start weeks before the procedure in order to get good results and for a quick recovery. It is important that you know what to do before and after nose job.

Choosing a Surgeon before the Nose Job

How happy you are with the results will depend entirely on the surgeon you choose for rhinoplasty. During consultation, find out the amount of experience the surgeon has and his credentials. Ask for before and following nose job and whether the surgeon is board certified.  This will be the opportunity to get a feel of how the facility is the staff and the surgeon who are going to change your face. This will help you see the aesthetics of the surgeon and also ensure the procedure will be safe.

Some weeks before the surgery, prepare your body and ensure that you are in good health before the surgery. This will help you in having a speedy recovery.  The following will help you in your journey to quick recovery:

  • Take at least two weeks off work
  • Get someone to take care of you the first 48 hours after the surgery
  • Organize for transport
  • Prepare cold presses to minimize swelling
  • Avoid any strenuous exercises before surgery

During consultation, the surgeon will give you instructions on what to do before and after nose job and the steps you should take such as:

  • Not eating or drinking anything after midnight before surgery
  • Not using any cosmetics on your face and hair
  • Washing your face thoroughly to get rid of bacteria
  • Sleeping well

These instructions apply to most nose job procedures. Talk to your surgeon about what you want and what can help you prior to and after rhinoplasty procedure. Ask the surgeon questions about anything that is not clear since you need to be confident during the procedure. Being well prepared before and after nose job procedure will increase your chances of having a safe surgery and a good recovery.

Recovery will take about 2 weeks and the patient needs to be patient during the recovery. The results of the procedure are usually very dramatic and since the nose cartilage and bones are reshaped leading to major changes, recovery might take time.

Care Before and After Nose Job

You will be given instructions on how to take care of yourself after the nose job procedure. Photos will be taken before the procedure. Rhinoplasty is complicated procedure therefore, how fast you heal will depend on how keen you are on following the doctor’s instructions.

  • The patient will need to have someone to take care of them after the surgery. After the surgery, one is advised to use cold compressors on the swelling, avoid strenuous exercises and activities, drink plenty of fluids and get enough rest.
  • During the first 24 hours before and after nose surgery, the patient may not be that comfortable. You will still be experiencing the effects of anesthesia and there will be mild discomfort. You will be given medicine that will minimize the pain before and after nose job. You will be bleeding, the face will be swollen and the nose will be aching. You should not blow your nose, as this will interfere with the results.
  • One week after the surgery, you will go to the surgeon for a follow up appointment. Stitches and nasal packing will be removed and by this time the swelling and bruising will have subsided. At this point the patient can go back to their normal activities and even go back to work. Strenuous activities should still be avoided. The patient should not take part in any sporting activities or weight lifting for about 2 weeks and they should not blow their nose for about eight weeks. One should not travel by air immediately after the surgery.
  • Avoid washing yourself immediately before and after nose operation. Wait for at least a day before taking a shower. Wash your face gently with soap and water and do not exfoliate as this will be very painful. Wait till your nose is feeling better before you can attempt to remove the blood. Avoid basking in the sun for about 6 weeks and always apply sunscreen around your nose. Avoid smoking before and after nose job, especially immediately after the surgery and avoid applying anything on your face including moisturizer.

Most patients value the results of the procedure more than the discomfort they feel after the surgery. Most of the pain is mild and goes away after 2 weeks. The swelling may not go away for some months and the results may only be invisible after a year.

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