What To Expect From Biolife Bellingham

At Biolife Bellingham, your welfare is of utmost concern. You have to be comfortable through the donation process. You will be comfortably reclined the same way you do when donating blood. Your blood is then collected into a sterile equipment which separates the plasma from platelets, white blood cells, and red blood cells, then returned through the same needle to your system. Once you are through, you will receive fluids to support your body in replacing the donated plasma. You should not feel tired or weak after donation because the red blood cells are returned to you. It is a stress-free process so you can bring along a book or magazine to read or something else to keep you busy.

To donate plasma at Bellingham you must at least be 18-years old, and weigh 110 pounds or more. You will also be subject to medical tests and other eligibility criteria before you donate.

Is it safe to donate at Biolife Bellingham?

Yes, it is safe. This is a low-risk procedure. There are minimal or no side effects at all. To support this claim, you have to pass a series of medical exams. You also have your medical history vetted by an expert of the Biolife medical team. These tests are done to make sure you are healthy, your blood is safe for recipients, and to avoid any side effects to your body after donation. You will be asked some questions each time you come for donation. It is wise to answer these truthfully.

You will have someone check your hematocrit level and plasma protein levels. This is not just to protect you, but also the patients who will receive therapy from your plasma. The equipment used in this process are sterile and unique to single use, after which they are discarded.

How often can I donate at Biolife Bellingham?

If you are healthy you can donate two times a week. This is because your body will be able to replace the removed plasma so fast. However, make sure that you have at least a day between two donations at Biolife Bellingham.

How long will it take? For the first Bellingham plasma donation, you might spend two hours. This covers medical screening, a physical examination, filling in the questionnaire and familiarizing yourself with the facility. On average, it takes only 45 minutes for the procedure and the rest of the time for other formalities. If you are a repeat donor, you should not spend more than an hour and a half to complete the process.

Will my plasma be tested every time at Biolife Bellingham?

Yes, this is mandatory. Each time you donate, your blood samples are tested for any viral infection indicators of Hepatitis, HIV or any other infection. Before you are accepted for plasmapheresis, you will also be tested for things like syphilis.

Why do I get paid for donating plasma at Biolife Bellingham?

The compensation from Biolife is generally to say thank you for your commitment to the Biolife donation program. Take note that you might spend on average two hours per session, with some people donating two times each week, to save or improve the life of a stranger.

Other than that, you must undergo an examination at least on an annual basis, go through a rigorous medical questionnaire each time you come to donate. All these are steps that are taken to guarantee a healthy population of Biolife Bellingham donors. Therefore, the compensation is a form of gratitude from Biolife.

How does Biolife Bellingham make this process comfortable?

Other than the comfortable reclined seats during donation, Biolife has put in place mechanisms to make the donation an easy experience for you. As a parent donor, feel free to come with your kids if you do not have anyone to look after them while you are donating. Biolife offers a free supervised playroom for them while you are donating plasma.

The staff at the donation center are attentive, enthusiastic and properly trained to look after your children, and also ensure they are having fun. The play rooms are sanitary and clean. You should, however, disclose any allergies that your child has, or any precautionary measures the caregivers need to take when looking after your children. That being said, there are lots of planned activities that your kids will definitely enjoy as you donate plasma.

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