What To Expect From Biolife Wausau

Biolife owns a number of plasma donor centers in the country, including Biolife Wausau. Having the Biolife donation centers in different parts of the country is to make it easier for donors all over to get a center nearer to their residence whenever they need to make a donation. Plasma donors are a representation of a cross-section of the community. There are donors from all walks of life. Through a thorough selection process, Biolife is able to get healthy donors to offer their support to patients who are sick or those who are fighting for their lives, while at the same time supplementing their income.

Who can donate at Biolife Wausau?

To be an eligible donor you have to weigh at least 110 pounds and be in sound health. You must also meet the set minimum required age based on the specific donation center you are visiting. This is also the same procedure that is followed by donation centers like Grifols or Blood Assurance. More often, the age limit is between 19 and 64 years. 17-year old donors or in some cases 18-year old donors must have a written consent from their parents or guardians.

Before your donation, you will be thoroughly screened and only allowed to proceed if you meet the minimum medical requirements. You will be provided with a health history questionnaire. This makes it easier to prevent individuals who have unhealthy lifestyles or whose lives are full of high-risk from donating blood because they have a higher chance of compromising the blood sample intended for patients.

At Biolife Wausau, your vitals will be checked each time you come for a donation. Your blood is screened to rule out the possibility of transmissible diseases like HIV or Hepatitis and to confirm whether your liver function is perfect. Through the Wausau plasma donation process, you might work with at least 4 trained personnel whose role is to ensure you are a suitable donor. In case you have any concerns, talk to them for clarification. As a first time donor, there is a checklist you will be provided. You must bring the following with you:

  • A valid photo ID
  • Proof of Social Security Number
  • Proof of residence
  • Individual taxpayer identification number

During subsequent Biolife donor visits, you will get used to this and the process will be easier and faster for you.

Why do I need to donate at Biolife Wausau?

What is in it for me? Why should I donate? Reasons for donation are immense and at times personal. Plasma is always in high demand. It cannot be synthetically manufactured or made in a laboratory. You have the satisfying feeling that you saved the life of someone through your personal contribution. When you come to donate at Biolife, you will also get compensated for your time.

Each donor’s blood has to be screened through Nucleic Amplified Testing (NAT). This is a state of the art system for testing the DNA strands of different viral strains in your blood at Biolife Wausau. A serological test is applied to each donation to search for antibodies which your body produces in response to a viral strain in the blood. Remember that the screening tests for plasma donation in Wausau are not formal medical diagnosis tests, but you could use the same as a reason to see your doctor after your donation for an in-depth analysis and clarification.

What is the difference between a qualified and applicant donor at Biolife Wausau?

Qualified donors are people who have donated at least twice without positive test results. Applicant donors, on the other hand, will have only donated once, but their test results are yet to be received. The plasma of an applicant donor will not be used in the production of any medicine or products and will be discarded if they do not come back for a second donation, or if they have a positive test result. Qualified donors usually continue to donate with no more than 6 months between different subsequent donations.

How important are plasma donor centers like Biolife Wausau to the community?

The donor centers are important given that they provide jobs for Wausau residents, contribute to the local economy, pay property taxes, engage the community in awareness programs and so forth, just like any other registered business. Biolife organizes volunteer events, charitable donation drives, and outreach programs, projects that are aimed at creating awareness in the community for the benefit of visitors and residents alike.

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