What To Expect From Huge Breast Implants Consultation

There are different reasons why you would want to have implants, and the size will also vary from one person to the other. There are those patients who want huge breast implants and you will also come across patients who want average sized implants. The kind of implants that you want will depend on your specific reasons for considering this operation in the first place. During the consultation process, your surgeon should be able to assess your needs and determine whether they can get you good breast implants based on your discussion.

They will ask you some questions regarding your current state of health. They will also ask you some questions about the physical outcome that you want. Other topics that should come up include medication, allergic reactions that you have and any current or previous medical treatments that you have been on.


Since you are looking for a good result, in the long run, you need to be open with the doctor. Do not hide any information from them, because this could, in fact, interfere with the process in the long run, and make it near impossible to achieve the results that you need. Even with this discussion, you will still undergo thorough examination because the doctor needs to ascertain that there are no variables that could affect the procedure. Patients that have blood-related conditions are, in particular, advised to be as forthcoming as possible with this information, because it will be of critical help in the process of administration of anesthesia, particularly to an anesthesiologist.

Having discussed the considerations that you have, your doctor will try and explain to you some of the options that you have, which can help you with your desire for huge breast implants. It is important to the doctor that they advise you accordingly. There are patients that come to doctors with expectations that are so unreal, and for such situations, further counseling will come in handy. Some of the breast implant options that your doctor could discuss with you in this process include anything from augmentation, mastopexy or a combination of both, depending on the consensus that you come up with.

Female patient choosing implants, Canon 1Ds mark III

Other than the consensus, the decision will also be based on your current state of health, your breast volume and the ability of your skin to loosen. However, with respect to your desired procedure, by the end of this consultation process, you are supposed to have a clear understanding of all the options available to you and the possible outcome of this operation. With such information, you are in a good position to make an informed decision. It will get even easier for you when the doctor shows you some pictures of patients before and after their successful procedures, and have received the same huge breast implants that you might be looking to have. Remember that this is a purely consensual process, and the doctor is not supposed to coerce you into any decision. Anything that you choose to work with is supposed to be of your own volition and your own decision.


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