What to Expect When Having Your Breast Lift Pictures

Even though a surgeon might have many years of experience and they might be highly skilled and quite good at what they do, one of the ways they can show their skills is through the breast lift pictures that they take. Breast enhancement images help patient to analyze the kind of result that the doctor can produce. That is why most patients head straight to the photo gallery section whenever they are checking out a surgeon’s website.


  1. Sign a consent form

Since most surgeons depend on the photos to market their services, it is no doubt that your surgeon will want to take your photos before and after the procedure. Here are some of the things that you should expect to happen if the doctor is to capture great images of you.

The doctor’s office should give you a contract to sign before your photos are taken. This document shows that you have given them permission to take your photos. If you do not want your photos to be taken, you can refuse. If the plastic surgeon is planning to use your photos on their website or on any of their marketing material, they should expressly state this in the consent form. This reduces the chances of you finding your pictures being used on the internet without your express permission.

If in future you find out that the doctor has used your breast lift pictures without your consent, they will have broken doctor-patient confidentiality, so you can sue them for this.


  1. Expect a professional camera

Even though it is possible to capture good breast enlargement photos with a phone or with a point and shoot camera, a high-quality camera will produce better images. A high-quality digital camera will produce great results, so it is an indication that the doctor is serious about capturing great images.


  1. Suitable environment

The photos should be taken in an area where you are comfortable. This includes giving you the privacy that you need. This will make you more open to having your photos taken. There should also be few interruptions in between the photo sessions.In addition, the area should be warm. There might be additional heating in the room to prevent you from developing goose bumps when your photos are being taken. Rapporting well with the photographer will help you to be more relaxed and less tense. This will result in better photographs.


  1. Professional poses

Expect your breast lift pictures to be taken from different angles. This includes your left and right profile, plus front and back photos. In some instances, the photographer might take photos from above or below your body. It depends on what he wants to emphasize. Expect multiple shots. Most doctors have at least 6 photos taken for each session.


  1. Great lighting

Good lighting is essential for great breast augmentation pictures. Shadows falling in the wrong places as a result of lack of good lighting will result in photos that are not flattering.

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