What You Need To Know About Ankle Liposuction Before And After Surgery

Ankle liposuction is the surgical removal of the excess fat in the lower ankle and calf areas in order to enhance the look of your legs. A fat ankle should not be perceived as a sign of being overweight. Even a skinny person may have a fat ankle. A fat ankle also known as “cankles” can be hereditary. Whether it is a man or a woman, cankles make you look unattractive. Before you undergo through this procedure, ask the doctor to show you ankle liposuction before and after photos in order to have a clue of what you will get.

What You Expect After Ankle Lipo Surgery

You should be able to notice the difference in your ankles after the swelling is over. You will be able to show off your new beautiful legs once you remove the compression stockings. You can now comfortably look at yourself in the mirror with some confidence. The only thing that will remain is the scar but this is quite a small price to pay.

What Causes Ankle Fat?

There are many factors that can explain the formation of ankle fat. First, this condition is common in obese people. This is obvious because obesity uniformly affects your entire body, and that includes ankles. But why should skinny people be having lipo surgery?

The fact is, skinny people with cankles have a generic issue of storing fat there. So, no matter how much they may try to work out in the gym, they will still have cankles if their parents had them. You can also get cankles from tendinitis, edema during pregnancy, swelling and abnormal water retention.

What you should know before and After Ankle Liposuction

Before you go decide to undertake this operation, you may want to try other options. First, try and lose some weight if you are overweight. Exercise and proper diet will not only help you lose fat, but will boost your mood.

If your cankles are hereditary, consider going for a gym instructor or personal trainer first. Most of them have developed sculpting techniques that can work perfectly on you.  For example, the most popular ankle toning exercise is to raise and lower your entire body while standing on stairs with the front part of your foot.

What are the Possible Complications, Risks and Side Effects of Ankle Lipo?

Going for surgical option is by far more risky than trying to exercise. If you have finally opted for the surgical approach, you should be aware of all the possible outcomes. Achilles damage is the first thing that can go wrong especially if the surgeon is incompetent. The chances of such an occurrence are very low but anything is possible, so, try to look for an experienced surgeon.

Scarring is another change that is noticed in ankle liposuction before and after surgery photos. Unlike other lipo such as thigh, breast and arm, you cannot hide incision when it comes to ankle. You are therefore likely to remain with scars under your ankles.

Symmetry is another issue. Sucking excess fat from one ankle means the appearance won’t be good. This is why you really need an experienced plastic surgeon.


How does an Ankle Surgery Cost

This ranges from $4,000 to $6,000, but it all depends on procedure. For instance, if the liposuction procedure involves the calves, it means more fat will have to be suctioned out and the more the price. The amount indicated above will include anesthesia charges, the surgeon fees and the operating theatre fees. The health insurance does not cover this procedure.

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