What You Need To Know About Breast Lift Before And After

Breast cosmetic procedures are some of the most common. It could be a breast lift, an augmentation, or a reduction. Some people prefer synthetic implants, others prefer to go for natural procedures. Whichever the case, you need an expert to handle your breast lift before and after procedure so you get impressive results. There are risks involved, but you can avoid these by insisting on professional services.

A bit of research is necessary to find a good surgeon. Find a surgeon with a good reputation, one who has years of experience and good reviews from their patients. You have a better chance with a board certified surgeon. Here are some facts that might help you get a better perspective of the procedure:

How do I choose between breast lift before and after and augmentation?

First, you must understand what you need. An augmentation is generally a process aimed at making the breasts fuller and bigger. A lift, on the other hand, is to tighten any loose skin around your breasts. These two procedures are not mutually exclusive. In fact, most surgeons perform them both at the same time for optimal results.

To help you choose the right one, your surgeon will discuss your desired goals during the pre-surgery consultation. If you need bigger breasts, augmentation will work. If you need them tighter, firmer and higher, a lift would work for you. If you need both, your surgeon can also advise you on how to achieve both successfully.

To help you make the right choice, your surgeon will always show you some of the breast lift before and after photos of what some of their patients achieved with a mastopexy. This gives you an idea of what is reasonably achievable, and to help you manage your expectations.

Can my breast lift before and after give me symmetrical breasts with implants?

For sure, achieving breast symmetry can be a tricky affair. To prove this, naturally, there is no part of the body that is a mirror image of its opposite side. Secondly, there are different factors that could result in breast asymmetry, such as:

  • Asymmetry in breast size
  • Asymmetry in the breast shape
  • Asymmetry in the breast position
  • Asymmetry in the chest wall
  • Asymmetry in the ribs
  • Asymmetry as a result of a curved spine (scoliosis)

What this means is that if you choose to get augmentation without or with a breast lift as long as you get implants, perfect symmetry can only be achieved to an acceptable level. Results might vary, and this is one of the realities that you discuss with your surgeon during consultation.

Funny enough, most people do not notice their natural asymmetries until they enlarge their breasts with implants. Some asymmetries can be improved through surgery, but others might actually get enhanced. On the same note, be very careful about a surgeon who promises you 100% symmetry.

What type of breast lift before and after will leave me with minimal scars?

Practically, there are three types of lifts carried out;

  • Anchor lift (wise pattern)
  • Lollipop lift (vertical lift)
  • Donut lift (periareolar lift)

The scars are different, though the donut lift usually has the smallest scar. The incision or lifts will depend on your goals. During the breast lift before and after consultation, you will get more information on this. Donut lifts are perfect when you only need to reduce the size of the areola. The shape of your breast is not affected so much. The concept here is to reposition your nipples. The scar, will, therefore, only be around the areola’s circumference.

The lollipop is a very common procedure. The scar starts from the areola and runs down. It is perfect if you need a lift and to make the breast narrow. Given the technique involved, you must insist on an expert to perform this, or you might not feel good about the scar.

In case you have too much skin for a lollipop lift the anchor lift would be perfect. This scar is horizontal and long and is highly visible. However, most surgeons would advise you to recognize the fact that in such procedures, the bigger the scar, the less excess skin you will have, hence a better breast shape in general. Technically, again, the breast lift before and after photos will make a big difference in helping you decide.

Is it possible to perform the breast lift before and after and augmentation together?

Yes. This is done all the time. However, make sure you get an experienced plastic surgeon or you might regret the outcome.

Can I breastfeed after breast lift before and after surgery?

This is only possible if the nipple was left attached to the breast tissue underneath it. in some cases, if your lift involves a lot of excess skin, it might be impossible to achieve your desired outcome without removing the nipple and reinserting it as a nipple graft, though it is a rare scenario.

However, take note that while breastfeeding after this procedure is possible, there is no guarantee that you will. There are several factors that might make this possible or not, as you will be advised during the consultation.

Is it wise to wait after pregnancy for my breast lift before and after surgery?

For a fact, pregnancy will definitely have an impact on the appearance of your breasts. Given this fact, if you are planning to get pregnant anytime soon, you should delay your breast lift before and after procedure because you are yet to see the outcome until after you have carried the pregnancy to term, and weaned your baby off breast milk.

It is, however, impossible to predict how different your breasts will look after that. However, there is no known contraindication to pregnancy after getting a lift or an augmentation. The only thing you might need is a revision of the surgery, which will, of course, be an additional expense. If you can wait until after pregnancy, this would be perfect. If the money is not a problem, you can go right ahead and get a lift.

What kind of questions should I ask my surgeon during my breast lift before and after consultation?

This is a personal decision. Everything you will or should ask the surgeon about your breast lift with implants is a personal affair. You can read more on other women’s concerns and raise the same with your surgeon.

A guiding principle is to be clear about your goals, given your breast shape and size then your surgeon can advise you from a professional perspective. Most women would love to look awesome and desirable with or without a bra. Whether these are achievable or not will depend greatly on your body size and your goals for your size. However, the larger your breasts are, the harder they could be faster and easier to hang low.

How long does it take to recover from a breast lift before and after surgery?

The recovery time depends on the amount of skin you have removed. Most women can resume work in 2 days, others need at least two weeks. The recovery time will also depend on the kind of work that you do. For heavy lifting, you would need at least two weeks off. For simpler tasks like working on your computer, you would need 2 – 5 days to get back to work.

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