What You Need To Know About Getting A Breast Uplift

If you have notice that your breasts have lost their former perkiness and that they are drooping or sagging, you may want to improve their appearance. One of the best ways to do this is by getting breast uplift. During a boob upflift, the skin around the breasts will be tightened and the tissue around the breasts will be sifted. You might even require implants to be inserted in your breasts. But how can you tell whether you are a good candidate for a lift or whether you just need breast augmentation?

Here Are Some Tell Tale Signs That You Might Need A Breast Uplift


  • Nipples that are pointing downward. As the skin around the lower part of your breasts gets stretched, the nipples will be pulled downwards by the breast tissue. An uplift will help to reposition the breast tissue, such that the nipple will face forward.


  • Are you happy with your cup size – If you are not, getting a lift will help to make your breasts look rounder and fuller. However, you will need to undergo a breast augmentation if you want to increase your cup size so you can have a breast uplift together with a breast augmentation at the same time.


  • Are your breasts oddly shaped– If your breasts are asymmetrical, you will need a lift to help restore back the shape of your breasts. A skilled surgeon should be able to do a breast uplift well, such that your breasts will appear well shaped and identical.


Here is a 3 step test that you can do to at home to help you determine whether you need a boob lift. The aim of this test to help you know the position of the nipple and aerola in relation to the inframmammary folds.

Get 2 pieces of plain white paper. You will also need a mirror.


Take off your top and then stand in front of the mirror. Hold one piece of paper underneath your breasts, just where your breast touches your chest wall. Then take the other piece of paper and hold it in front of your breast.


  1. If your nipple is above the fold but your areola falls below the fold, you will require internal breast uplift. In this procedure, the incision will be done from your armpit. This means that there will be no big scar left.
  2. If your nipple falls below the areola but it is less than 1 inch below the fold, you will require a boob job known as benelli mastopexy. You can have an implant inserted as well. The scar will be left on the areola, as this is where the incision will be done.
  3. If both your areola and your nipple fall below the fold, you will need a full mastopexy. This can take place with or without the implant.


Assessing yourself is not enough. It is best that you get evaluated by a fully qualified and certified plastic surgeon before you finalize your decision to get a lift. When you go in to see a surgeon, here is how they are likely to assess whether you need a breast uplift and what kind of breast lift you need.

The surgeon will use a tape measure to measure the distance between your sternal notch (it is the groove at the base of your neck) and both your nipples. They will angle the tape measure diagonally when taking measurement of your first breast and then angle it in the next direction when measuring your other nipple. They will then write down the measurements. Here is how to interpret those results.


  1. If the distance is less than 21 centimeters and there is no sagging at the bottom of your breast, you will not need a lift. However, if the distance is less than 21 centimeters but you are bottom heavy and there is sagging, you will need a lift.
  1. If the distance between the sternal notch and your nipples range between 22-23 centimeters and the nipples and areola fall in the middle of your breast, you will not need a lift. However, if the distance is between 22-23 centimeters, and your nipples are pointing downwards, then you will need a lift.
  1. If the distance between the sternal notch and your nipples is 24 centimeters or more, you will need a lift.

These are some of the basic guidelines but they are not absolute since your surgeon will also determine other factors before deciding whether you should get a breast uplift or not.

You can have both a breast augmentation and bust lift done at the same time. However, if all you want is just an increase in size, then what you need is an augmentation and not a lift. When doing an augmentation, you can get fat from other parts of your body transferred to your breasts.

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