What’s Normal Post Breast Augmentation?

You will experience a lot of things during post breast augmentation. While a lot of these things are physical, you will also experience a lot of emotional things as well.

Immediately after post breast augmentation

As soon as you wake up after breast enlargement procedure, you will feel as if a heavy object has been placed on your chest. This is due to your sore chest muscles, as a result of the muscles stretching. You will experience discomfort or even a level of pain when you have to perform any activity that will require you to flex your pectoral muscles. This includes activities such as when you are getting up from a seated position, when stretching your arms or even getting into the car.

You will also be curious to see the results of the surgery immediately after you wake up. In most cases, this won’t be possible since your surgeon most likely will have wrapped your chest area with an ace bandage or they will put on a bra in your chest. You cannot take this off until the next day or during your follow up appointment after a few days.


A few days after surgery

Some of the physical side effects include

  • Numbness around your chest area is normal post breast augmentation. This might not go away until after a few weeks or even months.
  • Tenderness- Your breasts will be swollen and tender to the touch after breast surgery.
  • Lightheadedness due to lack of sleep and the anesthesia wearing off from your body


A few weeks or months after the surgery

“Did I make the right decision?”

You will start second guessing yourself and asking whether you made the right decision or not. This is totally normal. You may experience these feelings whether you like the results you got or whether you are disappointed by the results.

You may look at yourself in the mirror and wonder that is really your new body. If your breasts did not turn out as big as you had envisioned, you may even regret having undergone the process. The good thing is that if you know that you will experience this roller coaster of emotions, you will be better prepared to handle them. On the brighter side, you will soon become less aware of the implants once you get used to them.

You will get boob greedy

Boob greed is common phenomenon among women who have had their breasts enhanced. You will end up wishing that you had gone bigger. When this happens during the post breast augmentation period and you start thinking about undergoing another procedure to further enlarge your breasts, the best thing to do is to first wait. These feelings might pass and you may change your mind.

Final stage


Self acceptance

The last stage after breast enhancement is when you finally accept yourself and the new procedure that you underwent. This will occur mostly after the physical side effects have diminished and your emotional roller coaster has subsided. During this phase, you will be happy with the results that you got.

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