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What’s the best denture cleaner product?

Having dentures makes it easier for people to maintain a high level of oral hygiene, as silly as this may sound. In many cases people need dentures because they lose teeth due to their bad oral hygiene, so it is something to wrap your head around. As dentures are made of an artificial material which has some chemical properties which are different than regular teeth, different methods can be used in order to make them as clean as possible. Dentures usually come in two parts, depending on what type of a denture you have, which means there are different ways to get dentures out of your mouth. It is important to follow some basic guidelines which relate to this topic to prevent any damage done to your gums or the dentures themselves.


How to maintain a high oral hygiene when wearing dentures

All the same rules apply as if you were to clean regular teeth. This includes washing your dentures every day, thoroughly and visiting a dentist at least once per month for a detailed checkup. During this checkup you will gather information on how effective you’re cleaning solution and cleaning methods really are so that you can change or adapt some different elements to make it more efficient. A big difference between regular teeth and dentures is the fact that you can actually remove the dentures completely out of your mouth, which gives you more options when thinking about how to clean them. A good thorough physical cleaning is always recommended to perform, but nothing can beat some chemical effect, especially in cleaning. This is why you should get yourself a bottle of denture cleaning solutions in which you can soak up your dentures overnight, or over any period during which you won’t be using the dentures, to make them as clean and hygienic as possible. When brushing, keep a steady movement, without excessive pressure, as you can damage the dentures and cause a whole lot of problems.

Massaging your gums once your dentures are out

Massaging your gums with toothbrush is something a lot of dentists recommend, as this is a good method of keeping a steady blood flow through your gum region. This can drastically decrease chances of losing some more teeth, as you will be enabling your teeth root to receive enough vital elements which can be found in your blood stream. If you are experiencing sharp pain during this massage, this is a good indicator that there might be some leftover tooth material which somehow got stuck in your gums. It is important to take care of this problem as soon as possible, as it can lead into serious infections, which is something you don’t want to play around with.

What is the best denture cleaner out there?

We can’t say that there is a single product which will make your dentures as clean as the morning sun, because there is actually quite a bit of your own effort involved to make this possible. A good thorough brush without using too much pressure is vital in order to remove those stubborn food particles. However, these particles always leave some residue behind which can be removed only by using some chemical denture cleaner solutions, in which you are supposed to be soaking up your dentures over a couple of hours. During this period, it is highly recommended to thoroughly brush your mouth and massage your gums in order to clean the base of your dentures. All of these methods combined should be considered to be one single denture cleaner, as it really doesn’t work as well if one of these is not used.

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