When Should Your Baby’s First Tooth Come In

When Should Your Baby’s First Tooth Come In

Baby Teeth

Many parents wait with anticipation to finally see their baby’s first tooth poking through the gums.  A baby getting his or her very first tooth can be an exciting and sometimes tiring experience for both baby and parents.

When Does a Baby’s First Tooth Erupt

The average baby’s first tooth comes into their mouth right around the age of 6 months. The first tooth is usually a lower front tooth.

What If My Baby Doesn’t Have Any Teeth at 6 Months

Some parents may wonder if something is developmentally wrong with their child if they haven’t gotten their first tooth by the time they’ve reached six months of age.

Keep in mind that six months is just an average.  Some babies are born with teeth already in their mouth.  These are known as natal teeth.

Many babies don’t get their first tooth until they are almost one year old.  My son didn’t get his first tooth until he was about 10 months old.  Today, he’s a bright, intelligent little boy!

Conclusion – Just Relax!

In conclusion, if you’re baby’s first tooth hasn’t come in by the age of six months, rest assured that your baby is most likely normal.  The average age that a baby’s tooth comes in is six months.  Many baby’s get their first tooth after this, and some get them before.  If you do have concerns, you can always call your family dentist to see if an appointment should be made.

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  1. Yes I agree! Try to call your dentist if you find something wrong with your babies teeth. And parents should be aware about the growth of their babies teeth. Thanks for posting!

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