Who Should Get A Breast Lift With Augmentation?


A breast lift involves removing loose skin on the breasts, so as to tighten the breast and make it look shapelier. Breast augmentation involves increasing the size of breasts by inserting implants under the breast tissue. A combination of a breast lift with augmentation will therefore make your breasts look fuller and more attractive. Here are some things that can help you know whether this operation is right for you.


  • If your breasts are sagging, you should consider this option. They could be sagging as a result of breastfeeding or as a result of aging.


  • People who have small breasts can benefit from this surgery since it will help in breast shaping and enlargement. This is the best way to have the breasts that you have always wanted.


  • Before undergoing the procedure, have a board certified plastic surgeon evaluate you. They will give you the final word as to whether having the procedure will be helpful to you.


  • If you have had breast augmentation before but you are unhappy with the results, consider getting another doctor and have them perform the operation again. Go for a doctor who knows what they are doing, so that you can be assured of having positive results.


  • You will have a variety of implants to pick from. There are saline implants and silicone implants. Saline implants are relatively cheaper. However, since they have a higher risk of leaking, most women prefer to pay a little more and get silicone implants when they are having breast lift with augmentation.


  • The scarring on the area where incisions are made is minimal. This makes the scarring inconspicuous. This is a great option for individuals who are concerned about having scars.


  • When the two procedures are done together, it helps in nipple repositioning. This helps the breast to have a more natural appearance. This is because the lift will help to support the increased breast size. This breast enlargement non surgical procedure will help to make you more physically attractive.


The two procedures can be done at the same time. This will save you time and the hassle of having two separate procedures. However, if you want, you can have the procedures done one by one. You can start with breast augmentation first and then have the breast lift later. But it is advisable to talk to your doctor before making a decision.

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