Why Doctors Recommend Cohesive Gel Implants

Breast implants are some of the most common cosmetic procedures that are carried out all over the world. There are a lot of ladies who have had to go through these, either for cosmetic purposes or for reconstructive reasons. At the moment cohesive gel implants have become really popular with the masses. A lot of people do not still understand what the difference is between these and the conventional implants, but when you understand this, you will appreciate the fact that you are in a good position to determine what goes into your body and understand why.


What really are cohesive breast implants? In terms of safety, are they safer than the other silicone implants? You will hear a number of plastic surgeons make the suggestion that you consider gummy bear implants. These implants are named this way because they are normally thicker, and more cohesive

Because of the fact that the gel in these implants is thicker than the gel in most of the other implants, it is a good thing, because they will not break or leak into the patient’s body. Leakage is normally one of the worst case scenarios that ladies have to endure when it comes to the average implants, but that is no longer the case with this type.

Difference between cohesive implants and normal implants

The gummy bear breast implants are currently preferred by most people and in fact, recommended by doctors, because of a number of reasons. They are more convenient for use, and make life much easier for the patient.

You will notice that when you opt for the cohesive gel implants, you will need to get larger incisions, because they are less flexible as compared to the others, and therefore they cannot easily squeeze into smaller incisions in the rib cage.

So far, studies are still underway to determine whether the implants are safer than their predecessors or not, but the results so far indicate that they are a good fit. It is, however, important for you to realize that not all the cohesive implants are actually gummy bear implants. When you come to think about it, all, if not most of the implants that are currently in the market are made up of a more cohesive silicone gel than the implants that were in the market say, two decades ago.


You need to understand that there are so many kinds of breast implants that could be referred to as cohesive gel breast implants. However, only those that are more cohesive are the ones that are referred to as gummy bear implants.

Over the years, there are so many women who have come to appreciate the use of these implants, and how well they have changed their lives for the better. Typically, most of the implants do not leak during the first few years they are in use. Immediately after they are installed, all the implants are normally sturdy. There are implants that you can even throw on a wall and will not break. However, you have to understand that when they are inside the body, even the sturdiest breast implants so far will cave in to wear and tear, and at some point, they will start losing their sturdiness.


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