Why Visit Biolife Cedar Rapids?         

Biolife is a global healthcare company that has so years of experience in well-being and improving people’s health. This is basically done through procurement of donor plasma and the subsequent development of plasma medicine, hospital pharmacy products, and diagnostics systems. There are several outlets all over the country, including Biolife Cedar Rapids.

With a network of plasma donation centers all over the world, you can always visit any of these centers as a donor and have a lasting impact on someone’s life. There is a comprehensive product range when it comes to hemostasis, transfusion medicines, and immunoassay products available for blood banks, clinical laboratories and transfusion centers available here. Besides, Biolife is known all over the world as a leader in transfusion medicine.

Before you donate plasma, it is important to understand what and why you are donating. Plasma is the liquid part of your blood that contains antibodies, salts, water, enzymes and other proteins. At 55%, it makes up the biggest component of the human blood, and once the cellular components, platelets, white blood cells and red blood cells have been removed, what remains is plasma.

What benefits to employees get at Biolife Cedar Rapids?

If you are considering a job offer with any of the Biolife centers, you should know what is in store for you. The company offers her employees an industry competitive salary range. Other benefits that you will get at Biolife Cedar Rapids include continuing education support, retirement savings options and healthcare coverage among other normal benefits.

At each Biolife donation center, there is a comprehensive career and training program geared towards career progression and advancement within the organization. This is aimed at fostering a continuous learning process on plasma products, and to create an environment that offers opportunities, innovation, and development to the employees.

There are different opportunities available at Biolife, from entry level posts fit for high school diploma graduates to full-time positions for medically trained experts. For each position, there is constant on-the-job training provided. More importantly, there are cross-functional training and advancement programs for employees at all donation centers. The skills learned here are easily transferrable to different healthcare faculties like clinical laboratories, doctors’ offices, and hospitals.

How do I get ready for a donation at Biolife Cedar Rapids?

You should be hydrated and eat properly before you come for donation. This is to ensure your donation will go easy and without any concerns. If you are on a diet, ensure it is high on protein, and stay away from foods that contain a lot of fat. You must also drink a lot of juice or water, and stay away from caffeine or alcohol on the day before you are scheduled for a donation at Biolife Cedar Rapids.

Before participating in a plasmapheresis program, you should not smoke for at least half an hour. Get a good night’s sleep the previous night and keep time on your scheduled appointment. In case you are unaware of the recommended dietary protein requirements, consult a nutritionist or any of the staff at Biolife to advise you accordingly.

If you have not done that already, increase your dietary iron intake. If possible, take iron supplements to improve your hematocrit level to an acceptable range before donating plasma. You must eat a healthy meal. It does not necessarily have to be a large meal, but make sure it is a healthy one. You should eat at least three hours before you are due to donate plasma.

Why should I avoid fatty foods before donation at Biolife Cedar Rapids?

Eating fatty foods before donation will make your plasma look milky. With this color and appearance, you will not be allowed to donate. On the day or night before donation, avoid alcoholic beverages. If you have to indulge, do not drink any alcoholic beverage at least 4 hours before you are due for donation.

You also need to keep your fluid levels stable. Therefore, whatever drinks you are having, they should neither be too hot nor too cold. The water or juice you drink must be at room temperature.

In case you are not feeling well, or if you are feeling ill, it is okay to skip the donation. If you go ahead, you might not be eligible to donate on that day. Besides, you will only put your life at risk. Generally, this is a low-risk procedure with minimal or no side effects at all. If you notice any adverse symptoms, consult a doctor or the medical team at Biolife Cedar Rapids immediately.

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