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World’s Best Dental Patient

World’s Best Dental Patient

Worlds Biggest Mouth

Francisco Domingo Joaquim from Angola has the widest mouth in the world.  He is a dentist’s dream patient. This gives a whole other meaning to “open up and say aaah.”The lips and cheeks of this 20 year old were measured, at full stretch, to be 17 cm (6.69 in). 

Worlds Widest Mouth

Biggest Mouth

Francisco Domingo Joaquim

Worlds Largest Mouth

4 Responses to “World’s Best Dental Patient”

  1. WOW! Dreamy!!!! :) Now I just wonder what he looks like when he’s NOT stretched out with his hands or soda cans.

  2. Wow amazing. Is that true? Yes I agree with you Trisha what he looks like when his mouth is not stretch. Why is it that he is the worlds best dental patient?

  3. @ dental accounting_because his mouth opens so wide!! you would never have trouble reaching thr back

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