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Wrist Tendonitis – Problems

If you have wrist tendonitis then you should seek a professional health care specialist or your doctor to determine the best course of action for the problem.  A proper diagnosis can lead to the right treatment to cure your wrist tendonitis.  It can cause all kinds of problems in your life and can cause even the simplest and most mundane of actions to become a terrible and extremely painful burden if it is not taken care of.  You’d be surprised how often you use those little tendons for just about everything and having wrist tendonitis can affect your life dramatically.  Wrist tendonitis is caused when the tendon wrappings or sheaths become inflamed and constrict the usually smooth movement between them as they cross over the bone and or each other.


The perpetual nightmare of dealing with wrist tendonitis can lead to all kinds of other problems as it just drags you’re life into a spiral of depression and madness from being unable to complete everyday tasks and it affects everything we try to do.  Sometimes wrist tendonitis can get better on its own without medical treatment provided the affected individual realizes the symptoms and prohibits use of the affected wrist and tendons.  This is only the case for mild cases of wrist tendonitis but if the pain does not go away or get better or if the pain or swelling is extreme then you need to consult your physician to figure out the best plan of action to take to cure it and keep it from becoming worse.

Wrist Tendonitis – Affliction

There are many different kinds of wrist tendonitis and it can affect one or more tendons.  There are tests that can be done to determine which type of wrist tendonitis you may have.  Sometimes these tests may be a series of stretches to determine where there is the most pain and find which particular tendon it might be that is affected.  Doctors may also use x-ray technology to determine the cause or root source causing the issue.  Wrist tendonitis can usually be treated with the proper use of anti – inflammatory drugs to help ease the constriction on the tendons and allow them to go back to normal again with a smooth sliding motion with which your tendons are most accustomed to in their normal pattern of behavior.


The causes of wrist tendonitis are numerous and can be caused by many different activities that use the wrist in a repetitive motion such as playing tennis, writing, playing an instrument like a guitar or piano, or any other possible activity that causes the tendons to be used regularly.  Wrist tendonitis is a painful and cumbersome affliction that can create havoc in your life by adding more stress to it than is already there because you will feel the pressure and torment of not being able to do common activities and things for yourself without pain or discomfort.  Wrist tendonitis should be looked at a doctor if you experience any of the symptoms and get back to leading a normal life.

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