Everything You Need To Know About Breast Augmentation

Most women care about how they look. They often strive to achieve an ideal figure. One of the ways technology has helped them do this is through the use of plastic surgery. One of the most requested plastic surgery procedures by women all around the world is breast augmentation.

Mammaplasty involves the enlargement of the breasts using various means. This includes the insertion of implants in the breasts or liposuction. Since this procedure has been successfully done on women over the years, more and more women are getting more adventurous and want to try it out.

Who Should Get A Breast Augmentation?

  • A woman who has undergone childbirth and had to breastfeed their child or children. This often leaves their boobs sagging and breast volume is lost.
  • A woman who has undergone weight loss and their skin has lost its elasticity, leaving the skin around the breasts loose.
  • Aging affects breasts, as a significant amount of breast tissue can be lost. Women who want to restore their youthful appearance will opt to undergo this procedure.
  • Women who have asymmetrical breasts. This is where the size of the breasts are not the same. One breast may be obviously larger than the other one.
  • Women who have lost one or both breasts to brain cancer.
  • A woman who has small breasts or whose breasts have never developed and matured.


It is important that you be in good health before you can be allowed to undergo breast augmentation surgery.


Advantages of Breast Enlargement

  • It helps to boost the self esteem of the women who get it.
  • Your clothes will fit better, especially around the bust area after breast enlargement.
  • Your figure will be improved and your body will have better proportion after the breast augmentation.




  • Some women end up disappointed by the results since it doesn’t meet their expectations
  • It is an expensive procedure
  • Normal operational risks


What Are The Risks Of The Procedure?

Like any other surgical procedure, this operation carries with it risk. Here are some of the major risks

  • There is risk of getting an infection after the surgery
  • If you have not yet had children, this procedure might make it hard for you to breastfeed your kids in future
  • There is risk of the implants rupturing while in your body. While this is not dangerous, it gives you the added responsibility and expense of getting them removed and replaced.


The Types of Implants That You Can Use During Breast Enlargement

  • Saline implants– these are filled with sterile saline water. They are cheaper than the other types of breast implants.
  • Silicone implants– They are filled with silicone gel. It is much harder for them to burst open after breast augmentation.
  • Gummy bear implants-They are filled with a cohesive silicone gel, which makes the firmer and thicker. There is low risk of them rupturing while inside the body and they have been approved by the Food, Drugs and Administration (FDA)
  • Fat transfer– This involves fat being transferred from one part of your body through liposuction and then getting injected into the breasts after the fat has been processed. It is the best option for people who do not want to use any kind of implant in their breasts.


Factors That Affect the Type and Size of Implant That You Get

  • Age – For instance, you can get saline implants when you are 18 years old but you have to be at least 2 years old for you to get silicone implants.
  • Goals – Like why you want to get a big bust. For instance, if you are a swimsuit model, you might want to get DD implants.
  • Body frame – If you get implants that are too big for your body, you will look out of proportion, so your overall figure influences how big you can go.
  • Breast tissue – The amount of existing breast tissue will determine the size of implant that has to be inserted to get you to the bust enlargement size that you want. Also, the skin around your breasts has to be thick enough to support the implant size that you want for your breast augmentation to be successful.


How to Select a Surgeon

There are so many plastic surgeons that are available; it might get quite confusing to know which surgeon is the right one for you.  Here are some top considerations to keep in mind when choosing a surgeon.


  • Find someone who has the necessary academic background. Someone who has been trained and passed the medical boards test. The person should have specialized in plastic surgery.
  • Experience– The surgeon you choose should have carried out a number of procedures in the recent past.
  • Certified- The doctor should be a member of a recognized medical board and no cases of misconduct should have been filed against him.
  • Rapport– Find someone you rapport well with since you will need to interact with them a number of times. Having a good rapport with your doctor will put you at ease.


How to Find a Surgeon

  • Ask for referrals from people who’ve had the procedure done before.
  • Check online reviews of any plastic surgeons near you.
  • Ask for recommendations from the medical board for plastic surgeons in your area.
  • Ask your local hospital or your family physician to recommend a credible surgeon for a boob job.


After comparing all your different options, select one breast augmentation surgeon and book an appointment with them.


What to Expect From Your Boob Job Surgeon

  • Assessment of your body – The surgeon should physically examine you and advise you on the best type and size of implant that would be suitable for you. They will even advise you whether you need an implant at all or you don’t.
  • Go through medical history– The surgeon ill check your medical records. This may require that they coordinate with your family physician. You will be given the go ahead to have the surgery only if you are in good medical condition.
  • Discuss risks– The surgeon will explain to you the major risks that you are undertaking. At this point, you might decide that it is worth not the risk to get the surgery done. This is okay since you can change your mind at any time before the surgery.
  • The surgeon will ask about your expectations about your boob augmentation. If your expectations are not realistic, they will set you straight and let you know the end result that you are likely to get.
  • Show you before and after pictures of their former patients. This will give you a good idea of how you will look like after the breast augmentation.
  • Spend enough time with you – The doctor should spend enough time talking to you and answering your questions. On average, this should take about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Avoid any doctors who seem too busy to be available for you, since it will be quite frustrating to get in touch with them in case of an emergency.


Questions To Ask Your Boob Enhancement Surgeon


Write down some questions which you should take with you when going to see your surgeon. Writing down your questions beforehand will help you not leave out any points that you want clarified. Here are some issues that you should touch on:


  • Are you a suitable candidate for breast enlargement?
  • Do I have realistic expectations about the end result?
  • Should I also get a breast lift in addition to the augmentation?
  • How long will it take for me to recover and go back to my day to day activities?
  • How many follow-up visits should I expect?
  • How are complications handled?
  • What happens if I am not satisfied with the end result of how I look?
  • What is your cancellation policy for bust augmentation?


How to Prepare For Bust Augmentation Surgery

Your doctor should give you guidelines of the do’s and don’ts for the breast augmentation procedure. Here are the basic guidelines.


  • No smoking– If you are a smoker, you will have to do away with smoking for a few weeks leading up to your surgery. This is to help your body recover faster from the operation.
  • Eat a healthy diet– You will need your strength and health to help you get better within a short period of time.
  • Hydration– Stay hydrated as much as possible
  • No aspirin or any medications that will thin your blood, as they can cause you to bleed excessively during the surgery.

What to Expect On the Day of Surgery

This is usually an outpatient procedure, so typically you should not expect to spend the night at the hospital unless there is a special reason your doctor would want you to get admitted overnight. However, avoid going to the hospital alone, since you will not be in a position to drive yourself home after the procedure, due to the amount of pain you will be in. it is best to organize for someone to pick you up from the hospital.


The operation will take between 1 to 3 hours to carry out

The bust size increment will be carried out either at the surgeon’s clinic, or at a hospital

The breast augmentation will be performed when you are under anesthesia. This is often general anesthesia but in some cases local anesthesia can be used.

During the surgery, expect to be hooked up to various monitors. This is to keep track of your pulse rate, heartbeat, blood pressure and oxygen circulation in your body.


How Mammaplasty Is Done

The surgeon will follow the treatment plan that he came up with during your initial consultation. This includes making incisions where the breast implants will be inserted in your body. Typically, there are 4 places where incisions are made on the body

On the armpit, where the arm and the chest meet.

On the lower part of your areola.

On your navel

On the lower part of your breast, where your breast meets your chest wall.


After the incision has been made, the surgeon will lift the breast tissue and create a tissue pocket, where they will insert the implant. The implant may come ready filled up with either saline or silicone or your surgeon might have to fill it up during the operation. It depends on the option that you went for when choosing the bust enhancement procedure you wanted. If you chose liposuction, the fat will be injected into your breasts instead of the implants.

During the breast augmentation, the implants can either be placed under the pectoral muscle, which lies between the breast and the chest or over the pectoral muscle.

The surgical incisions will then be closed using gauze. The doctor will then tie a bandage around your chest area. Alternatively, some doctors will use a surgical compression bra.

Afterward, you will be wheeled into the recovery area, where you will be placed under observation as you recover from the anesthesia.

After you have sufficiently recovered, you will be allowed to go home afterwards. You will be given your medication and a date for a follow up appointment.  Your doctor should also let you know what warning signs to be on the lookout for and what is normal. You will also be given instruction on how to take care of any drainage pipes that might be inserted during the operation.

The First Week Home after Surgery after Bust Enhancement

The first few days after your boob size increase surgery, your chest area will be in pain and you will feel as if your chest is being pressed down upon. There will also be soreness and swelling on your breasts and you may also feel very nauseated. The pain and anti-nausea medication you were given at the hospital should help after your breast augmentation, so take it as advised.

With time, the pain and swelling will go down, so you can reduce the amount of medication that you take.

It may take several months to completely recover and go back to your day to day life. After 1 year I when you will get a true picture of how your enlarged breasts look like.


Stay In Touch With Your Surgeon

You will need to visit your doctor from time to time. This is so that they can assess the implants, to make sure that they have not ruptured or moved out of the breast pocket. This will require that you d a mammogram at least once every 3 years.

Also, if you notice anything odd or any complications come up, be sure to consult your doctor, so as to have the issue resolved as soon as possible before it escalates.

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